Mintegral - About Us - Leading Programmatic and Interactive Mobile Advertising Platform

Using Technological Innovations
to bring Success to our Clients

Maximize your user acquisition and marketing value on mobile.

Who We Are

Mintegral is a leading programmatic and interactive mobile advertising platform. Focused on the APAC region and radiating out globally. Powered by advanced AI technology, we provide global advertisers and developers with innovative, comprehensive experiences. With our efficient mobile marketing and monetization solutions, we help our clients exceed their marketing goals.

Our Mission

To offer full-stack solutions and services that can unlock the full potential of our partners and customers. Meanwhile, continuously strive for technological innovations to help drive the advancement of the ad tech industry. Through this, we can create new mobile marketing experiences in which everyone is happily engaged in.

  • 950MDaily devices reaches
  • 950MDMP’s DAUs
  • 330MSDK DAUs
  • 200+Countries & regions