Banner Ads Now Available on Mintegral SDK, Increasing Monetization Options for Developers

Mintegral’s latest SDK version fully supports banner ads, which will provide developers with more monetization avenues.

Vali Scorus, Content Marketing Manager2019-09-27

You are probably familiar with banner ads, which you would usually find at the top or bottom of app interfaces. This is the earliest and most common ad format around and it’s still very much in use all over the world. We are excited to announce that Mintegral’s latest SDK version fully supports banner ads, which will provide developers with more monetization avenues.

Why banners? Why now?

At Mintegral, we started with an ad platform that supported native and video ads, later becoming famous for our interactive ads. So you might wonder, why are we now adding support for banner ads?

Don’t get us wrong, while video and interactive ads are still extremely popular and we love working with them and we want to continuously innovate on that front, we have to admit that banner ads are still the most broadly used format and a major source of revenue in the entire advertising industry.

“Although banner ads are not exactly an innovative format, they are a vital part of the mobile advertising landscape and they play an important role in mobile app monetization,” said Wang Chunyu, Senior Product Director at Mintegral. “Developers have often asked us to provide full support for banner ads and we’ve listened to their request. Rewarded video and playable ads are currently the most popular ad formats, while banner ads represent a solid complement to developers’ ad monetization strategy. We provide a range of ad choices to developers and help them build a well-rounded monetization strategy, and use multiple ad formats to further increase their ad revenue.”

How to use banner ads

In-app banners are usually small, with 320x50px being the most popular size. Due to their size restriction, banner ads can only display a limited amount of content and the ad creatives are relatively simple and less attractive than other formats. However, the banner ad format that Mintegral supports is aiming to change that, making banner ads more attractive and therefore, more profitable.

  • Easier integration: Unlike video ads, banner ads don’t have to be loaded in advance. Developers just need to perform the load method and the SDK will automatically display the banner ads after a successful load.
  • Diverse templates: Mintegral banner ads are implemented using HTML 5 template architecture, which provides new templates continuously. The intelligent algorithm can be optimized to improve ad results and help developers generate higher profit.
  • Custom sizes: This allows developers to customize banner ad sizes, giving them the ability to adapt their ads to various layouts.
  • Multi-offer expansion: Based on the expansion of the communication protocol between SDK and HTML 5, the Mintegral SDK has the ability to display multiple ads simultaneously – this means that one ad request returns multiple results and displays them in different styles.
  • Automatic refresh: Developers can customize rules for ads to automatically refresh and update regularly; for example, they can have banners update automatically after 30 seconds.
  • Option to close: Developers can decide whether to display the “close” button which allows users to close the banner ads.
  • Rich ad sources: The banner ad resources that developers set up will automatically connect to Mintegral’s Ad Exchange to receive more ad demands from third-party DSP platforms. The public bidding can increase ad fill rate to increase ad revenue.

How to start using banner ads

Developers who are already working with us simply need to update their SDK and set up their ad slots in the backend. For developers who don’t have an account with us, simply sign up via Mintegral’s developer platform, integrate our SDK and begin your monetization journey.

Vali Scorus is Mintegral's Content Marketing Manager, responsible for digital and social media content. Vali has over 10 years of experience covering the gaming industry.
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