Mintegral Bridge Summit Coming to Game Connection in Paris

The Mintegral Bridge Summit is just around the corner and we’ll have guests from Ketchapp, MadBox, GameAnalytics, JoyPac and Mindworks. Here’s what you can expect from our exclusive event.

Vali Scorus, Content Marketing Manager2019-10-23

Game Connection is Europe’s deal-making event for the video game industry. Last year over 2,700 developers, publishers, distributors and service providers from 60 countries and almost 1,500 companies came to Game Connection to discuss market trends and strike new deals. This year’s event is running from October 29th to 31st and it looks to be even bigger than last year, with over 50 sessions hosted by industry experts to choose from, including our exclusive Bridge Seminar!

Meet the Mintegral Seminar speakers

Taking place on October 29th, our seminar includes a series of three speeches and a panel hosted by industry experts, as well as a networking party afterward which will give you a chance to mingle with other guests and potentially develop some new business opportunities. Please note there are limited seats available so make sure you register for the Mintegral seminar today!

Let’s meet our speakers:

Falko Boecker, JoyPac

Topic: Hyper-Casual Game Publishing and Monetization in China

The hyper-casual phenomenon is growing extremely fast in China and there are plenty of opportunities for Western publishers to find success in the East. Falko Boecker, Senior Publishing Manager at JoyPac, will talk about monetization best practices from the perspective of a veteran Western publisher with significant experience of publishing hyper-casual games in China.

Ivan Bravo, GameAnalytics

Topic: Analyzing the Behavior of Chinese Players

China is now the world’s largest mobile gaming market, accounting for over 25 percent of global gaming revenue. But while China is a highly coveted market, its significant differences compared to western markets make it difficult to enter.

Ivan Bravo, Director of Customer Operations at GameAnalytics, will examine the Chinese gaming audience and look at conversion rates, Day 1 & Day 7 retention rates, but also how much time and money Chinese players spend on games.

Stella Zhu, Mindworks

Topic: Improving UA Using Creative Video and Playable Ads

The hyper-casual market is growing at a fast pace and the competition is getting fiercer by the day. How can you make sure your game stands out from various similar products? Can human psychology be the key to helping your ad creatives reach your target audience?

Stella Zhu, Creative Director at Mindworks, will do a creative strategy analysis, talk about some interesting psychological elements you can use and show you how to acquire users more efficiently with the power of video and playable ads.

Panel: Ketchapp, MadBox, GameAnalytics, Mindworks

After our speeches, we’ll host an exclusive panel where guests from Ketchapp, MadBox, GameAnalytics, and Mindworks will be present to dive deeper into various industry topics. Whether you are interested in publishing, user acquisition or monetization, you can expect to get valuable insights from our industry experts, so make sure you attend this panel!

About the Mintegral Bridge Seminar

The Mintegral Bridge Seminar is a series of events launched by Mintegral with the aim to bring together leading industry experts to talk about the Chinese mobile market and help bridge the gap between the East and West. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect Chinese partner to help you enter the market or you simply want to know more about publishing in the world’s largest mobile market, you will not want to miss this series! The next seminar takes place at Game Connection in Paris on October 29th but seats are limited so make sure you register for the Mintegral Bridge seminar today!

The Mintegral Bridge Seminar agenda can be found below:

Vali Scorus is Mintegral's Content Marketing Manager, responsible for digital and social media content. Vali has over 10 years of experience covering the gaming industry.
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