Mintegral Launches In-App Bidding Technology

Mintegral has officially announced that it now supports in-app bidding, providing mobile app publishers a better way to increase their ad revenues.

Mintegral, 2019-09-09

Mintegral has officially announced that it now supports in-app bidding, making it the first Chinese ad-tech company to support this technology. Thanks to this new technology, mobile app publishers will have a better way to find the best buyer for each impression and increase their ad revenues.

In-app bidding is an advanced programmatic bidding technology that provides multiple demand sources the opportunity to evenly compete for each impression. Unlike traditional “waterfall” auction where ad requests are sequential, ad networks and demand-side platforms bid for an impression at the same time and the highest bid wins.

Whilst this waterfall approach is effective, Mintegral believes that traditional waterfall is not beneficial in terms of maximizing revenues for publishers to some extent. In waterfall bidding, the publisher passes its inventory from one demand side to another in descending order, based on the amount of money an advertiser has made for the publishers in the past. This can result in an underestimation of the inventory’s actual value and loss of yield.  In-app bidding is designed to address these problems.

Michael Wang, Senior Product Director at Mintegral, said: “In-app bidding is an auction model that calls on all demand sources to bid for each impression simultaneously. This ensures that the publisher sells every impression for its actual value, maximizing their revenue.”

“The publisher no longer needs to spend a lot of time and effort managing and optimizing the waterfall. More importantly, in-app bidding provides a higher level of transparency. Data like who is bidding, bidding trends, and even where and when the most valuable users are will be readily accessible. This leads to a better understanding of the real value of a publisher’s traffic and automates optimization,” he added.

Currently, Mintegral offers both client-to-server and server-to-server solutions. To achieve higher ad revenues, mobile app publishers and developers can integrate with Mintegral’s new SDK using the solution that is right for them, and enjoy the benefits of in-app bidding.

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