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By Mintegral 2018-07-31

Why Interactive Adverts Are the Future of Mobile Advertising
Why are interactive adverts hitting the market now? What are the major benefits of using interactive formats? And how can advertisers make the most of them? Let’s find out.

By Mintegral 2018-07-19

Culture Clash: Why Arena of Valor Is Struggling in America
Why then is Arena of Valor struggling in the US?

By Mintegral 2018-07-16

Biggest Mobile Games of All Time after Ten Years of the App Store
App intelligence company App Annie had the same idea and has put together a great report on the apps and games that have had the biggest impact.

By Mintegral 2018-07-05

APAC Now Accounts for More than 50% of Global Games Revenues
Much of this growth is down to the continued strength of smartphone games, which has by far the largest audience of any gaming format.