Dailyhunt - Mintegral

DailyHunt is India’s largest content aggregator, providing regional language news & eBooks to over 90 million users in India.

The DailyHunt mobile app has had over 125 million downloads since launch, with an impressive MAU of over 29 million. Over the next few years, it aims to gain a 6-7% share of the $4 billion Indian digital ad market, with a target MAU of up to 150-200 million.

The Challenge

To increase ad revenue while balancing the user experience and maintaining brand image, Dailyhunt choose to integrate Mintegral native ads into the app.

DailyHunt had some key objectives it wanted to achieve by adding Mintegral’s SDK:

  • Maximize monetization result without sacrificing user experience.
  • Through algorithms and the use of big data, ensure users see content highly relevant  to them.
  • Get access to brand advertisements

The Solution

To deliver a seamless experience within its app, DailyHunt chose to have native ads, consisting of a native feed (where the ad appears within a news feed) and a native app wall (where users can easily see which apps are recommended).

Native feeds ensure users view our ads the way they view the original content. With just a single tab, Native app wall allows users to explore more interesting apps and contents.

Rajeev DhalHead of Monetization at Dailyhunt

Simplicity is important to all developers. A simple integration with Mintegral helped us successfully unlock new growth potentials for our app.

The Result

Downloads brought by Mintegral 
37.5% of the total downloads