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How Our User Acquisition Strategies Helped Tactile Games Get 91% D30 ROAS

Tactile Games is a popular mobile gaming publisher from Denmark, with millions of downloads across the world. With a focus on story-driven games, Tactile Games has become famous for such titles as Lily’s Garden or Penny & Flo and has several unannounced projects in the works.

We partnered with the Tactile Games team to help them boost their user acquisition efforts for one of their latest hits: Lily’s Garden. The team’s main goal was to hit a D30 ROAS >71% in the US market – let’s see how we tackled this challenge.


User acquisition strategies designed to boost ROAS

Lily’s Garden is a casual match-3 puzzle game where players have to redesign a beautiful old garden while solving puzzles and interacting with various characters in the process. The Tactile Games team wanted to make a splash in the US market, so in order to hit our goal of D30 ROAS >71%, we used two key UA strategies:

  1. Mixing premium user acquisition channels to get high-quality users

Unlike hyper-casual games which tend to generate revenue almost exclusively from in-app advertising, casual games with a wider range of gameplay elements like Lily’s Garden can use a mix of in-app purchases as well as in-app advertising. Since retention performance and willingness to pay are key traits in this scenario, we focused on acquiring high-value players with similar interests. 

We targeted top match-3 and simulation games to ensure we acquire users with a strong preference for this type of game and are more likely to make in-app purchases. At the same time, based on the game’s core features, we selected puzzles, social games, and Solitaire-type games as additional sources to maximize exposure and boost UA efforts.

  1. Flexible bidding strategy to balance costs and user quality

In order to ensure high-quality UA results, we used higher bids when targeting match-3 and simulation games. However, we also paid close attention to our spending and adjusted the bids based on the UA campaign’s performance.

This combination resulted in an influx of high-quality users with a strong preference for in-app purchases while keeping the campaign costs within the budget limits set by our partner.



Thanks to these two key UA strategies, our team was able to generate a D30 ROAS of 91%, well above the targets set. Not only that, but the users acquired by Mintegral helped significantly increase the game’s average daily revenue. We also helped boost the number of downloads, averaging an extra 300-400 downloads per day.

Here’s what the Tactile Games team had to say about our partnership:

“Mintegral has proven to be a very strong user acquisition partner of ours. Their expertise in the Match-3/puzzle genre is evident through consistently bringing quality users for us and exceeding our ROAS goals. We are looking forward to extending our partnership across other games in our portfolio.”

Louis Tom Andreassen, Performance Marketing Manager at Tactile Games


We are very proud of our results with Tactile Games and their hit title Lily’s Garden. If you are looking for user acquisition, monetization, or creative solutions for your mobile app, then make sure to contact the Mintegral team today!

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