Scale Ad Revenue without Sacrificing User Experience

Our premium ad resources and in-app bidding technology will maximize the value of every ad placement and scale your revenue without sacrificing user experience.

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Maximize Ad Revenue More Efficiently

In-app bidding technology that maximizes ad revenue

Our in-app bidding technology and LAT estimation capability can help you maximize the value of every ad unit - boosting your ad revenue in the post-IDFA era effectively and transparently.

Intelligent algorithms to drive revenue growth and user retention

Our optimization strategies are based on comprehensive data analytics and multi-dimensional user tags - delivering quality ad content tailored to your users.

Impactful Ad Formats to Boost Revenue

Monetize Your Mobile App with Data in mind

Earn and grow with our monetization platform. Easily create, manage, analyze and optimize your campaigns, including transparent, visualized data to achieve higher revenue goals.

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Working with Mintegral helped CrazyLab's UA campaigns get a sustainable boost. They were a key factor in optimizing CrazyLabs' monetization strategies.




Ad Impression Increased

Mintegral’s exclusive relationships with hundreds of app publishers meant that we were able to access a lot of exclusive ad inventory, which was key to us being able to monetize our games successfully.


UA & Monetization Partner


IVR Improvement

The Mintegral team helped our title Water Sort Puzzle launch and grow in the Chinese market and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks to Mintegral’s intimate knowledge of the market.

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