Busan Indie Connect Festival@ Busan, Sep 13-14

Mintegral is waiting for you in BIC! Join and experience the indie games with higher quality and brilliant creative idea

By Mintegral2018-09-05

As a Bronze Sponsor, Mintegral Company will participate in the Busan Indie Connect Festival which has introduced new, innovative indie games. The 4th BIC Festival, which will be held from Sept. 13 for 2 days will present 118 types of new indie games and various events. All Mintegral booth visitors will be given special promotion offered by Mintegral and moreover, the welcome package will be provided for the visitors who applied the pre-event regislation. Also, the interesting event will be held for all visitors on day.

Mintegral presents new, smart mobile marketing experience for advertisers and developers as well. The cutting edge algorithms maximize value of all advertising space so that the developers can achieve the increase in user’s experience and profits.

Please visit A-4 Mintegral Booth to see differentiated service and fascinating events offered by Mintegral. Experience the newness of Mintegral in BIC 2018!


Time: 13th to 14th, September

Location: Busan Cinema Center, Busan, Korea

Booth: B-41

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