Hyper-casual Games in East and West @ Shanghai, August 1st

Join us to get the top tips from Google, Voodoo, JoyPac, App Annie and Tenjin

By Mintegral2019-07-11

In the past two years, hyper-casual games have been heating up in the global mobile gaming market. According to App Annie‘s Global Mobile Games Index Report of May, 2019, Chinese iOS top 10 downloads chart was all taken up by hyper-casual games.

In order to provide relevant industry insights and experiences, Mintegral and Morketing are going to hold a seminar with the topic of “Hyper-casual Games in the East and West” on August 1st. Google, Voodoo, JoyPac, App Annie and Tenjin will attend to share some ideas about hyper-casual games market of East and West, helping to better understand the market and provide meaningful experience.
Time: August 1, 2019
Location: Shanghai
(Address will be sent together with your invitation)

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