Pocket Gamer Connects 2019 @ Seattle, May 13-14

Hope to meet you there!

By Mintegral2019-05-07

Pocket Gamer Connect is a wholly inclusive event, providing value to a wide range of industry players, from global corporations looking to hone their strategy, down to indie developers seeking a little inspiration and new contacts. And it is predicted that more than 4000 specialists of the industry will attend PGC Seattle.

Mintegral will show up the event as a gold sponsor and feel free to find us at booth 3. Also on May 14th at 10.40 am, Jeff Sue, GM of Americas of Mintegral will have a speech to share some tips on how to make your hyper-casual game a success in China.  At 12:20 pm of the same day, Jeff will join a panel to discuss about instant games and usual casual market. Stay with Mintegral to get the latest insights!

Time: May 13-14

Location:  Grand Hyatt, Seattle

Booth:  3

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