Seminar: The Bridge Between East and West @ London, May 29

Come and join Mintegral's free mini-summit in London!


Hyper-casual games have smashed their way to prominence in China. For western developers, how to make a success in Chinese hyper-casual market? What can we learn from successful cases? And what’s the opportunity for developers looking to break into the market?

Come and join Mintegral’s free mini-summit to find the answers.

On May 29, Mintegral and are hosting a free mini-summit in London, kicking off the first stand of Mintegral’s “The Bridge Between East And West” series seminar. Outfit7JoyPac and Ubisoft are going to share the secrets of releasing successful mobile games in Asia.
Date: May 29, 2019
Time: 18:00 – 21:00 BST
Location:  58 Victoria Embankment, London

The evening will be a combination of relaxed networking and insightful discussion featuring two informative seminars, building up to a lively panel debate, before another chance for drinks and networking to round out the night.

This evening of drinks, networking, talks and panels is free to attend, join us andsign up now!

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