1. We recommend to initialize the SDK in Application
  2. When on Ad Loaded is called, we recommend preloading the ads to cache to minimize app latency
    and in turn increase your overall user experience and revenue.
  3. You must match the View Group when registering, do not only match the button. Confirming which area of your ad is clickable will be directly related to your revenue.
  4. You can use Text View to display the CTA buttons; do not use Button as it will intercept events.
  5. Each ad unit corresponds to a MTG Native Handler, so it is important to ensure the uniqueness of each ad unit.
  6. Preload the App Wall when a user reaches the homepage of the app.
  7. If you want to monitor App Wall’s portal-related events, you can set up on Touch event in View Group at the App Wall portal.
  8. For any Rewarded Video ads achieved through the Android SDK version 8.4.0, it is not recommended to use is ready to determine whether the video is ready to be played when in on Video Load Success.
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