• 1. Why call the preload method?
  • A: Preload: You can cache the ads data before display then use the cache data for the next impression.
    This helps to reduce ads’ loading time, improve user experience and increase your revenue.
  • 2. Why do the ads jump so slowly for the first time?
  • A: The ads will go through several layers of 302 redirects before reaching the final URL. The NativeHandler is notified when the page jump is complete and developers can setup a loading dialogue at this time.
  • 3. Why are no ads returned sometimes?
  • A: Please check whether the AppId, AppKey, UnitId and PlacementId are correct; and then check the offers status in the Mintegral dashboard.
  • 4. Why are there two different languages in the offers?
  • A: MTGSDK identifies the user’s network IP. So the corresponding area language will be adopted. Also,
    since English is a universal language there will usually be two languages: English and the www language.
  • 5. Can we change the language of the install button in the AppWall?
  • A: Unfortunately, we only support English at the moment.
  • 6. Why can’t the ads be downloaded sometimes?
  • A: Check your appstore network connection; check whether your Apple account is in alignment with the area you are connected to.
  • 7. What is the amount of offers for a specific area?
  • A: The number of offers for a specific area is equal to the total number of offers that is promoted in this area. So even if the ad requests exceed the total offer amount, the number won’t increase.
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