Reporting for Apps

  • You’re able to monitor the performance of your app(s) in the dashboard. Not only are you able to get a default overall report under the “Full Report” tab, you can also customize your parameters and get specific analyzed data through “Mintegral Report”.


    Select “Mintegral Report” on the left-hand side panel of the dashboard homepage.

  • Select the platform you’d like to see data for. We are able to support reporting for iOS, Android apps, sites or all three in one report.
  • Select a specific ad format that you’d like to filter and see data numbers
  • Once you have different apps set up in the dashboard, you’ll be able to filter data by specific apps. All you need to do is type in the app name in the “All App” field or select from its drop down list.
  • Similarly, you can also filter data by specific ad units you have created for your app(s) by selecting an ad unit under “All Ad Unit”.
  • Finally, if you want to filter data by a region, you can select a region under “All Region”.
  • Through our timeframe filter, you can select a maximum of 31 days as the date range you’d like to see a report on.
  • If you want a report that includes analysis by either “date”, “app”, “ad unit”, “region” or all of them combined. You can customize by ticking the corresponding checkbox.
  • Once you have finished choosing the filters and setting you want for your app reports, select the “Report Export” button to get results.
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