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Mintegral Joins the Yandex Mobile Mediation Platform As a New Bidding Partner
We are happy to announce that Mintegral has joined Yandex’s Mobile Mediation platform as a new in-app bidding partner, giving access to global performance and brand advertisers. Mobile Mediation by Yandex is a free mobile ad mediation platform, including in-app bidding technology and smart waterfall bidding. Mobile Mediation will now support the Mintegral Ad Network ...


Mintegral launches playable ad editor
Editor is code-free, drag-and-drop


Mintegral Q2 2022 Revenue Rises 64.07% YoY to $210.6 Million
Mintegral, a leading programmatic advertising platform, recently announced record-high revenue in Q2 2022, reaching a total of $210.6 million – up 64.07% year-on-year and a reported increase of 5.24% compared to Q1 2022 ($200.1 million). Mintegral also noted an advertiser retention rate of 87.66% and a 29.29% increase in new advertisers. In addition, the app ...


Mobile Game Advertisers Created The Playbook – And Now Consoles Can Follow
by Jeff Sue, GM Americas at Mintegral.  Recent news that Microsoft and Sony are both bringing ads to their free-to-play (F2P) games has left the industry buzzing. But it seemed inevitable.  It’s no secret that F2P on mobile has struck a fine balance between satiating gamers’ need for engaging gameplay and advertisers’ mission to grow their ...
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