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Why Users Block Mobile Advertisements
To reduce ad blocking, companies need to understand why consumers have decided to block and adapt their approaches to counter their concerns.


UA megatrends, the global gaming market & hyper-casual on the up – The best talks from Pocket Gamer Connects London 2019
It’s been over a month since PocketGamer Connects 2019 drew to a close in The Brewery in London. If you missed the event, were there but too busy having meetings or had a clash with another talk, here is a chance for you to catch up with everything shared in the conference.


Mintegral Launches a New Ad Exchange Focused on Programmatic Buying of APAC Traffic
Mintegral Ad Exchange gives advertisers access to exclusive premium inventory from more than 5,000 apps live in China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia


Barriers To Entry Into The Chinese Mobile Market
The Chinese mobile market is recognized as the largest in the world for a good reason. But the uncomfortable truth is that despite a lot happening to open up the Chinese market to overseas companies, it remains a tough proposition for a number of reasons.