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Play Pass: why Google is considering a subscription service for its stores and what barriers are in its way
Google is considering rolling out a subscription service to access premium content on its store. But for it to succeed, it will need to change the way subscriptions work to suit a mobile context to give it a chance of succeeding.


5 Ways to Effectively Engage with Your Gaming Community
Epic’s “Support-A-Creator” event has been proving a largely successful way for the company to engage with its Fortnite players. The initiative, launched on October 8, offers regular Fortnite content creators and streamers the chance to monetise their engagement with the game. Eligible creators can be supported by regular users who’s in-game purchases will contribute towards ...


The Top 7 Online Video Platforms in China
To better understand the online video market and its impending changes, we’ve asked the question: Which are the top mobile video platforms in China? We’ve identified the biggest players to keep an eye on and summarised them for you in this handy list.


What Are the Hottest Mobile Game Genres in China Right Now?
If we take a closer look at the most popular game genres, we can also understand some of the underlying preferences of Chinese gamers.