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Fortnite’s Android Gambit Could Reform Mobile’s Walled Gardens
The release of Fortnite outside of the usual channels won’t be a make or break moment for the sector. But it could be the spark that drives reform in the app store space and ushers in a new era of game and app distribution.


Gamescom 2018: 3 Things We Learned about the Mobile Games Industry
While much of the focus understandably fell on PC and console titles, there was also plenty to be learned about mobile gaming.


Mintegral Launches Self-Service Platform for European and U.S. Advertisers Targeting China and APAC Markets
Mintegral launched a new self-service offering called the "Mintegral Advertiser Ad Platform", for European and U.S. advertisers to create, target, track and manage their own campaigns all by themselves, and further help grow their mobile app business in APAC.


How Chorus Worldwide Helped Indie Developers to Release Mobile Games in China
Mintegral Head of Supply EMEA Sean Parmenter sat down with Chorus founder Shintaro Kanaoya to discuss what indie studios need to know before launching in China