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Why Globalization Means New Tech Solutions For Advertisers
Localism is losing out to globalism. Erick Fang, CEO of Mintegral, shares his opinions on Forbes about why globalization means new tech solutions for advertisers.


West Meets East: 6 Mobile Games Publishers Who Will Help Get Your Game into China
Want to find out more about domestic Chinese publishers? Check out our list of the top Chinese game publishers here.


Fortnite’s Android Gambit Could Reform Mobile’s Walled Gardens
The release of Fortnite outside of the usual channels won’t be a make or break moment for the sector. But it could be the spark that drives reform in the app store space and ushers in a new era of game and app distribution.


Gamescom 2018: 3 Things We Learned about the Mobile Games Industry
While much of the focus understandably fell on PC and console titles, there was also plenty to be learned about mobile gaming.