UA megatrends, the global gaming market & hyper-casual on the up – The best talks from Pocket Gamer Connects London 2019

It’s been over a month since PocketGamer Connects 2019 drew to a close in The Brewery in London. If you missed the event, were there but too busy having meetings or had a clash with another talk, here is a chance for you to catch up with everything shared in the conference.

By BusinessofApps2019-03-05

It’s been over a month since PocketGamer Connects London 2019 drew to a close in The Brewery in London. And while the conference may have long ended, the good news is that the insights shared there will leave long afterwards.

Why? Because every talk at the conference is listed on PocketGamer Biz’s Youtube channel. So if you missed the event, were there but too busy having meetings or had a clash with another talk, it’s possible to catch up with everything shared.

But where should you start with your video watching then? Here are five talks worth tuning into.


User acquisition megatrends for 2019 by Eric Seufert, Platform at N3TWORK

You’ve worked for months to get your game onto the store. But how do you get people to play your game? In this savvy talk, Eric Seufert gives us the lowdown on key user acquisition approaches for the marketer of today (well, 2019).

He looks at the megatrends driving the app stores to identify where in the world new users are coming from, strategies to entice them into downloading your game and business models that work.

Seufert’s talk is packed to the brim with data and insights. One thing is clear: if you want players to play your game, this is the talk to watch.


Global trends – Insights from 3 billion mobile gamers by Ioana Hreninciuc, CEO at GameAnalytics

Ioana Hreninciuc presents the biggest analysis of mobile games industry benchmarks that GameAnalytics have ever done.

Covering 3 billion mobile devices and over 60,000 titles over a full calendar year, the Mobile Gaming Benchmarks Report provides an insightful snapshot into the state of mobile games today.

While a presentation with plenty of statistics might seem dry to some, Hreninciuc sprinkles her talk with startling reveals and incredible insight. Anyone looking for success in the mobile market should pay close attention to what the CEO of GameAnalytics has to say.

The talk covers all the basics including retention, conversion rates, stickiness and session lengths broken down by genre and season. This makes this talk relevant to just about any mobile games business.


How to bag an IP like Rick and Morty and deliver a killer game by David Burpitt, Co-founder and VP at Big Pixel Studios

Making a game on an existing IP can a be a big moneymaker for a studio. However, it can be difficult to find the right IP and even more challenging to negotiate a deal, bag it and deploy it effectively in the game.

Big Pixel Studios have a history of making games on other IPs including the works of Disney, Marvel, Mind Candy and Adult Swim. In 2016 they successfully released Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys and haven’t turned back since.

David Burpitt takes us step by step on how to make a success out of licenced games – from critical questions to ask when choosing an IP, how to pitch for and negotiate the IP to delivering a game the IP holders and fans will love.


The future of the Chinese mobile games industry by Jeff Lyndon, President at iDreamSky

The Chinese mobile games industry is big and the Chinese market is redefining what being a “gamer” means. Jeff Lyndon takes a dive into the future of the Chinese mobile games industry. Spoiler: it’s going to get bigger.

Lyndon’s expert insight is invaluable for any game development studio looking to publish in China. He breaks down the market, provides insider takes on gamer culture and looks at strategies on how to deal with the government freeze that paralysed the market in 2018.

But he also goes further too. By taking a look at where the market is set to go in 2019 – and touching on developing market trends such as the Chinese esports boom – it’s a helpful look at the growth of one of the largest markets in the world.


Why go hyper-casual? by Alon Paster, Chief Strategy and M&A Officer at TabTale

The hyper-casual game genre is the hottest genre in mobile. Snack-sized, ad-funded games have become a worldwide sensation. But how do you turn hyper-casual into the basis of a business?

Alon Paste’s talk aims to explain why. His company, TabTable, a games company based in Tel Aviv, have released over 500 games which have been downloaded two billion times.

He talks extensively about what makes the hyper-casual market tick, the tricks to releasing games regularly enough to satiate demand and data on why it’s a market sector that is only likely to grow further in the coming years.

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