Mintegral Advertiser Self-service Platform

Mintegral Advertiser Self-service Platform

Easy to build, manage, analyze, and optimize each campaign on your own. Reach global quality users at scale on our premium traffic network and achieve your marketing goals quicker and more efficiently.

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Efficient & Transparent Self-service Advertising Platform

Make programmatic advertising campaigns easier,
more intelligent and more effective

About Mintegral Connect global quality
traffic and users
With the help of our multi-dimensional targeting capabilities and industry-leading algorithms, you can reach the right users globally on our premium supply network which contains a massive amount of in-app traffic from 3,500+ publishers.
About Mintegral Unlock your personalized
campaign needs
We provide a full suite of advertising interface services. Integrate the functions you need through the Mintegral Open API to personalize your marketing campaigns and improve your campaign efficiency.
About Mintegral Better transparency,
more control
Your campaign transparency and security are guaranteed. You have full visibility of where your ads go and how they perform, and you can optimize them based on your needs to ensure you stay within your budget.
About Mintegral
About Mintegral
Multi-dimensional targeting to reach your ideal users
Reach the right target users with multi-dimensional targeting capabilities including user activity, channel, geo, device, retargeting, and more.
Diverse ad formats, bulk creative management
Choose from banner, native, video, and playable ads and manage your creatives in batches with our ad creative library’s bulk functionality.
Flexible bidding options and effective cost control
Choose from CPC, CPM, and CPI bidding models to keep your campaign costs in line with your marketing goals.
Smart tracking, measurable performance
Quickly configure and test 3rd party impression and click-tracking links to track the conversion sources of each campaign and measure their performance.
Multi-dimensional reports for better optimization
Choose from multi-dimensional data reports based on performance, events, creatives, and more. The platform also has support for custom reports that you can tailor to your needs.

Launch and manage your campaigns in minutes

About Mintegral Step 1
Register an account on the Mintegral website.
About Mintegral Step 2
Add funds
Deposit funds into your advertising account.
About Mintegral Step 3
Create campaigns
Set up campaigns and ad units, select targeting options, set the price and budget, upload creatives and set tracking links.
About Mintegral Step 4
Run campaigns
Complete the above steps to start the ad campaign.
About Mintegral
Step 5
Optimize campaigns
Check data reports and optimize your campaign performance by modifying ad units, adjusting bids, replacing creatives, and more.

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Download relevant documents and read suggestions on how to better manage your ad campaigns.

Efficient & Transparent Self-service Advertising Platform

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