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Jeff Sue 2020-01-22

High User Acquisition Costs Have Driven the Rise of Hyper-casual Games – and Chinese Gamers Couldn’t be Happier
See why hyper-casual gaming is so popular in APAC – and especially in China.

Vali Scorus 2020-01-20

Mintegral Year in Review: Infographic
2019 was a great year and we're extremely grateful to our partners and our colleagues without whom these results would not have been possible. Check out our infographic for as we prepare for an even better 2020!

Vali Scorus 2020-01-17

Vivo on Indian Game Market: India Will Give You a Lucrative Market If You Give It Some Time
The reasons why Vivo is optimistic about the Indian game market.

Vali Scorus 2020-01-09

What will 2020 Bring for the Games Industry?
The dying embers of the decade bought the surprise announcement of a new Xbox in development; how will it fare and how will the industry react? Will it make any difference to how games are played, and what will it mean for mobile?

Vali Scorus 2020-01-02

How Mintegral’s Full-Stack Solution Pushed “Brain Out” to the Top of the US, Japan and Korea Charts
Brain Out, a mobile game created by Eyewind, has performed extremely well in the US, Japan, and Korea markets, placing constantly in the top 10 on the Free Games charts. Here’s how we helped them achieve this.

Valentin Scorus 2019-12-26

What Does the Future Hold for Fortnite After Its Chapter 2 Launch?
Fortnite is still attracting players in their millions, and its figures are the envy of its competitors. What's its future? Let's take a look.

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