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Jeff Sue 2018-07-19

Culture Clash: Why Arena of Valor Is Struggling in America
Why then is Arena of Valor struggling in the US?

Yijun Chen 2018-07-16

Biggest Mobile Games of All Time after Ten Years of the App Store
App intelligence company App Annie had the same idea and has put together a great report on the apps and games that have had the biggest impact.

Qingyun Zheng 2018-07-05

APAC Now Accounts for More than 50% of Global Games Revenues
Much of this growth is down to the continued strength of smartphone games, which has by far the largest audience of any gaming format.

Jeff Sue 2018-07-04

The Most Important Markets for Mobile Game Developers to Launch in
China alone has over 600 million smartphone owners. It is not a market that smart companies can continue to ignore. And it’s not just China; young gamers in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines account for at least 50% of all mobile gamers there too.

DJ Li 2018-06-08

The Road from Simple Banner Ads to More Engaging Forms of Monetisation
Indeed, it seems likely that not only could rewarded video ads overtake interstitials in terms of total ad spend in 2017, but rewarded ad formats might also become the majority component of mobile game advertising market in 2017.

Ray Zhang 2018-06-07

Why players love rewarded video ads
Players view them positively, almost as free money, and part of a process that makes games more enjoyable to play.

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