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Vali Scorus 2020-01-09

What will 2020 Bring for the Games Industry?
From new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles to 5G gaming to new potential Amazon takeovers to Apple Arcade and Google Stadia developments, 2020 is looking to be an interesting one.

Vali Scorus 2020-01-02

How Mintegral’s Full-Stack Solution Pushed “Brain Out” to the Top of the US, Japan and Korea Charts
Brain Out, a mobile game created by Eyewind, has performed extremely well in the US, Japan, and Korea markets, placing constantly in the top 10 on the Free Games charts. Here’s how we helped them achieve this.

Valentin Scorus 2019-12-26

What Does the Future Hold for Fortnite After Its Chapter 2 Launch?
Fortnite is still attracting players in their millions, and its figures are the envy of its competitors. What's its future? Let's take a look.

Mintegral 2019-12-24

Mintegral’s SDK Now Available on Fyber’s FairBid
Mintegral announced the integration of its SDK into Fyber FairBid, Fyber’s next-generation mediation platform for mobile game developers.

Valentin Scorus 2019-12-18

Mintegral Launches HiBid In-App Header Bidding Open Source Solution
Mintegral is pleased to announce the launch of HiBid, an open-source in-app header bidding solution aimed at mobile publishers.

Valentin Scorus 2019-12-18

What GameAnalytics Data Tells Us About Chinese Players’ Behavior
How much do we know about the gaming habits of Chinese gamers versus their counterparts in the West? GameAnalytics Director of Customer Operations Ivan Bravo shares the latest industry benchmarks at the Mintegral Bridge Summit and here’s what we found out.

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