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Valentin Scorus 2019-12-12

China’s Head-Start with 5G Makes It the Perfect Market for Mobile Game Streaming
5G services are already live in China, which puts China firmly in front when it comes to mobile game streaming services. But is it a market you should be focusing on?

Mintegral 2019-12-04

Mintegral Announces SDK Integration into Tapdaq’s Mediation Platform
Mintegral has announced its partnership with Tapdaq, which will see Mintegral’s SDK become available on Tapdaq’s ad mediation platform.

Mintegral 2019-12-03

Mintegral Granted IAB Tech Lab Open Measurement SDK Certification
This provides Mintegral partners with an extra layer of transparency as it allows for third-party viewability and verification of ad traffic. 

Vali Scorus 2019-11-26

How Voodoo, Playrix and Supercell are conquering the Chinese market
All of the Western superstars attribute their success in China to one thing: empowering local partners to be creative.

Vali Scorus 2019-11-21

How GameParadiso Used Monetization Campaigns to Achieve Steady Revenue Growth
Game developer GameParadiso, the studio behind MilkChoco, have managed to reach significant growth after partnering with Mintegral.

Vali Scorus 2019-11-19

Mintegral Product Round-up: Header Bidding, COPPA, App-ads.txt, Banner Ads, AppsFlyer Index
It’s been a busy period here at Mintegral and we’ve worked on many new features and partnerships. Here are the 5 most important announcements you should know about.

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