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Kevin Ford 2021-02-26

What We Learned from Tenjin and Gamejam about Mobile Games and App Trends in 2021
Our latest webinar featured experts from Tenjin and Gamejam, where we discussed the current state of mobile gaming, the implications of iOS14, SKAdNetwork, user privacy, and monetization in 2021.
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Vali Scorus 2021-02-23

App Chat with JoyPac: The Secret Behind ABC Runner’s Incredible Success
ABC Runner topped the iOS Free Games charts and we spoke with the JoyPac team to find out more about their recent success.
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Kevin Ford 2021-02-12

Panel Recap: Mintegral at the 2021 Hyper Games Conference
Our very own Director of Business Development, Hector Almeida, was part of a panel at the Hyper Games Conference that included hypercasual kings Amanotes and ZPLAY, along with go-east publisher, JoyPac.
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Vali Scorus 2021-01-12

WhiteSource Completes Security Audit on Mintegral SDK
Mintegral SDK open-source code is highly secure, and is capable of providing safe and reliable services to its partners.
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Vali Scorus 2021-01-11

Mintegral 2020 Review: Data Privacy & Security, Playturbo, and In-App Bidding
With 2020 behind us, let's take a look at some of our key initiatives, see what we've learned from them, and how we can make 2021 even better.
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Vali Scorus 2021-01-08

Mintegral passes user privacy security assessment performed by internationally recognized accounting firm
Mintegral has announced that its SDK products have completed a user privacy security assessment performed by an internationally recognized accounting firm.
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Vali Scorus 2021-01-05

Mintegral Gets ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security Management
Mintegral has earned the ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 standard certification. By obtaining this certification, Mintegral has exhibited that their information security management and services have met these internationally-recognized standards.
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Vali Scorus 2020-12-23

Mintegral Remains Compliant with IAB Tech Lab Open Measurement SDK Requirements
Mintegral announced today that it has continued to meet the requirements set forth by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab Open Measurement SDK certification.

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