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Vali Scorus 2021-07-19

Mintegral’s Recent Results Show Why It Should Be in Your Ad Mediation Mix
Parent company Mobvista announced that its subsidiary Mintegral retained 86% of its advertisers and grew its new advertisers by 28.1% compared to Q1 2021, and partners of Mintegral also got better results after switching to use Mintegral mediation platforms.
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Kevin Ford 2021-07-05

Mintegral is named on AdExchanger’s 2021 Programmatic Power Players list
Mintegral has won a spot on AdExchanger’s 2021 Programmatic Power Players list. Mintegral’s winning submission reflects the service and tech provided to global publishers.
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Stella Zhu 2021-06-17

How App Store Optimization and Creative Sets Can Improve App Performance
With iOS 14.5 a reality, combining high-quality creatives with a solid ASO strategy is more important than ever. But how can they help you maximize your ROI?
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Joao Rizzardo 2021-06-09

Monetizing and Growing Hyper-Casual Games in the Asian Market [Panel Recap]
Our Director of Business Development Sumit Mahawar was part of an exciting panel at the Hyper Games Conference, along with JoyPac, AdTiming, and Tenjin. Here's what he said about monetizing and growing your hyper-casual game in the Asian market.
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Stella Zhu 2021-06-07

Why creative automation is essential for app marketers post-IDFA
Without the ability to use IDFA as an easy way to target new and existing users, there is more need than ever before for ad creatives to really deliver. 
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Joao Rizzardo 2021-06-03

Mintegral & TapNation HGC Fireside Chat: Hyper-Casual in 2021 and Beyond
Our very own Sumit Mahawar joined TapNation's Anouar Benattia at the Hyper Games Conference to talk about the hyper-casual market, along with its trends and opportunities for the future.
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Vali Scorus 2021-05-27

App Chat with Dual Cat: Hyper-Casual Growth Done Right
Dual Cat is a hyper-casual success story from France behind some incredible breakout titles in 2020, including Bubble Tea, Stop Them All, and Jelly Fill, among others.
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Jingyuan Wang 2021-04-21

iOS 14.5 Is Coming: Getting Ready for a Post-IDFA World
The launch of iOS 14.5 is around the corner and with it come significant changes to privacy and ad tracking. Let's take a look at what this means for the industry and what you need to do to find success in a post-IDFA world.

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