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Vali Scorus 2020-06-30

Mintegral Is MoPub’s Newest Advanced Bidding Partner
We are proud to announce that Mintegral is now available to publishers using MoPub’s Advanced Bidding.
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Vali Scorus 2020-06-18

Mintegral Webinar: How ironSource, AppLovin, MoPub, and Fyber See the Future of In-App Bidding
We invited our partners at ironSource, AppLovin, MoPub, and Fyber to discuss in-app bidding: current state, key advantages, and what the future holds for this new technology.
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Vali Scorus 2020-06-11

Mintegral Launches Playable Ad Creative Platform Playturbo
Mintegral adds a secret new tool to boost your ad creative efforts - say hello to Playturbo!
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Vali Scorus 2020-06-01

How to Use Multiple Iterative Interactive Ads to Achieve Advertising Success
Experience on how playable ads can be constantly optimized in order for advertising campaigns to achieve steady revenue.
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Vali Scorus 2020-05-13

Product Update: Say Hello to Our Upgraded Advertiser Self-Service Platform!
We are excited to announce that we have taken the Mintegral Advertiser Self-Service Platform to the next level! Read on to see all the changes we’ve made.
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Vali Scorus 2020-04-27

Stella Zhu of Mintegral : Unlocking Your Games’ Global Potential with the Power of Interactive Ads
How can game developers use ad creatives to acquire high-quality users given the COVID-19 pandemic? What kind of challenges that advertisers are facing can be solved with creative solutions?

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