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Mintegral launches playable ad creative platform Playturbo
Mintegral and its in-house creative studio, Mindworks, have launched playable ad platform Playturbo to help attract players to discover mobile apps and games.


Unlocking Your Games’ Global Potential with the Power of Interactive Ads
How can game developers use ad creatives to acquire high-quality users given the COVID-19 pandemic? What kind of challenges that advertisers are facing can be solved with creative solutions? Given the current industry trends, what are the most effective strategies to use when advertising in the global market? Stella Zhu, the head of Mintegral's creative studio, Mindworks, answered these questions in a recent interview with


Mintegral Releases New Advertising Self-Service Platform
Leading mobile interactive advertising platform Mintegral announced that its self-service platform has just received a significant set of upgrades that will help advertisers tackle present-day challenges.


The Mintegral Guide to Media Buying for Midcore and Hardcore Games
Midcore and hardcore games can also benefit from playable ads like casual games.