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Mintegral Adds Support for Apple’s SKAdNetwork
Mintegral has announced that it now supports SKAdNetwork, Apple’s official attribution solution, becoming one of the first mobile ad platforms in China to do so.


If The Ad Industry Is Serious About Transparency, Let’s Open-source Our SDKs
According to Erick Fang, the chief executive officer of Mintegral, open-sourcing benefits advertisers, publishers and the ad industry. Although open source brings some risks, much bigger rewards.


COVID-19 could accelerate the ‘maturity of Chinese players’ in the free-to-play market
The free-to-play market is gigantic worldwide, including the hundreds of millions of players within China. Nielsen’s SuperData Research Group found that free-to-play games revenue saw a 6 percent increase to $87.1 billion last year (near 80 percent of the overall $109.4 billion for digital game revenue). Research commissioned by firms like Mintegral and Newzoo say the majority of Chinese players favor free-to-play over ...


Mintegral launches playable ad creative platform Playturbo
Mintegral and its in-house creative studio, Mindworks, have launched playable ad platform Playturbo to help attract players to discover mobile apps and games.
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