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Get Quality Users at Scale

Leverage programmatic buying, AI technology and diverse interactive ad formats to acquire users at scale with precision, reaching your marketing goals.

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Get Quality Users at Scale

Acquire Massive Amount of high-quality traffic programmatically

Over 6,900 apps from around the world are integrated with our SSP, and our DSP has also access to more than 20 global ad exchanges, providing massive and high-quality native, video and interactive ad inventory. Supported by our DMP and intelligent algorithms, we help you target billions of users precisely.

Acquire Massive Amount of High-quality Traffic Programmatically

Precise Targeting to Acquire Higher Quality Users

Based on a massive amount of data processed on a daily basis, we help you reach your potential target audience with multi-dimensional targeting tactics including demographics, location, interest, behaviour, …etc.

Precise Targeting to Acquire Higher Quality Users

Customized Creatives with High-performance

Mintegral’s creative studio Mindworks provides tailor-made and efficient ad creatives. We leverage playable ad, interactive end-card, interactive video, AR video and other creatives to attract users and improve engagement rate. We also help you select creatives with higher CVR to improve your campaign performance through A/B testing.

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Highly Efficient & Transparent Advertiser Self-service Platform

Mintegral provides advertisers with the ability to run ad campaigns independently, from creating a campaign, targeting your audience, monitoring performance to adjusting and optimizing serving strategies. Our real-time data reports help you understand the performance of each of your ads, allowing you to control the ad campaigns from start to end.

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Highly Efficient & Transparent Advertiser Self-service Platform

What Our Clients and Partners Say?

  • Mintegral is one of our trusted partners for both user acquisition and monetization. It is amazing to work with this professional team and explore larger potential in monetization of our games.

    Michael Panov Leading monetization manager in Playrix
  • Mintegral is a key advertising and UA partner in China for JoyPac. Thanks to Mintegral's ad inventory from its exclusive relationships with hundreds of app publishers, JoyPac has successfully published a number of games, with eight currently ranking in the top 200 of the Chinese app store.

    Allison Bilas COO of JoyPac
  • We are pleased to notice a considerable impact in our advertising revenue in China thanks to Mintegral, the team has shown us the true potential of this market.

    Lidia Pérez Plaza Publishing, User Acquisition & Marketing at From The Bench Games

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