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Get quality users at scale

We help advertisers acquire users that matter at scale through our premium traffic, impactful creatives and advanced algorithms.

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Get Quality Users at Scale

Bid confidently on our premium inventory

We have built a high-quality traffic network around the world, providing massive amounts of native, video and interactive inventory from direct partnerships and 3rd-party programmatic channels.

  • 26,000+ direct partnered apps
  • 20+ global ad exchanges
  • 96 billion+ daily requests
  • 1.4 billion+ daily impressions
Acquire Massive Amount of High-quality Traffic Programmatically

Reach your right users at scale

With over 1.7 billion daily active users, we provide a global scale to reach your potential users. And we support multi-dimensional targeting tactics, including demographics, interest, behavior, …etc to get your app discovered by more users and grow your user base.

Precise Targeting to Acquire Higher Quality Users

Deliver ads that perform and delight users

Our in-house creative studio Mindworks provides tailor-made ad creatives, including interactive ads and creative videos, to drive user engagement. Also, we test, learn and evolve the creatives to improve your campaign performance.

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ROI-driven, safe and transparent

Our proprietary intelligent algorithms and segment optimization capabilities ensure you spend on the most valuable users, giving you a higher retention rate and ROI. And we provide verified measurement, safety and transparency to win your trust.

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What do our partnered advertisers say?

  • We are pleased to notice a considerable impact in our advertising revenue in China thanks to Mintegral, the team has shown us the true potential of this market.

    Lidia Pérez PlazaPublishing, User Acquisition & Marketing at From The Bench Games
  • Mintegral is a key advertising and UA partner in China for JoyPac. Thanks to Mintegral's ad inventory from its exclusive relationships with hundreds of app publishers, JoyPac has successfully published a number of games, with eight currently ranking in the top 200 of the Chinese app store.

    Allison BilasCOO of JoyPac

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