Mintegral - Targeting Precise Users for Advertiser -

Get Quality Users at Scale

Leverage programmatic buying, AI technology and diverse interactive ad
formats to acquire users at scale with precision, reaching your marketing goals.

Acquire Massive Amount
of high-quality traffic programmatically

Over 4,500 global apps integrated in our SSP, and our DSP also has access to nearly 20 global ad exchanges, providing a large amount of high-quality native, video and interactive ad inventory. Supported by our DMP and intelligent algorithms, we help you target billions of users precisely and reach your marketing goals.

Precise Targeting for Higher User Quality

Based on a massive amount of data processed on a daily basis, we help you to reach your potential target audience with multi-dimensional targeting tactics including demographic, location, interest, behavior, …etc.

Customized Creative with Higher CVR

Mintegral Creative Lab provides tailor-made and efficient creative production. We leverage rewarded video, native video, 3D video, playable ad and other interactive creatives to attract users and improve engagement rate. We also help you select creatives with higher CVR to improve your campaign performance through A/B testing of multi-version creatives.

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