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Together Labs

Mintegral has been a key UA partner for Together Labs, consistently bringing a high volume of high-quality users to our app. Their outstanding ROAS performance and exceptional results have led us to increase our investment, making Mintegral a top DSP partner. We endorse Mintegral for its strong track record and look forward to continued success together.

Donnie Kajikawa

Director, UA at Together Labs


We rely on Playturbo to generate playable ads for our AI cartoon photo app, Cartoon Yourself. The platform impresses us with its user-friendly interface and a diverse selection of playable templates tailored to our app's requirements. This has greatly streamlined our creative production process, resulting in notable efficiency improvements. We are delighted with the benefits brought by this creative automation tool.

Quang Anh Nguyen



In the intense market, especially in T1 regions like the US and EMEA, attracting audience attention is a tough battle. High-quality ad creatives are crucial for success. Playturbo has played a pivotal role in improving our production efficiency and effectiveness. Its user-friendly interface, which doesn't require coding skills, has greatly supported our team. We're highly satisfied with the exceptional UA performance delivered by Playturbo's creatives.

Pham Huy



We’ve been working with PlayTurbo for several months now, and we find it to be a very responsive tool. It offers a wide array of playable templates that can be easily customized to align with the aesthetics and models of our IPs. Specifically, we utilize different skins to create various versions of the core playable concepts. Furthermore, the tool undergoes constant maintenance, and our communication with the PlayTurbo agent is fast, friendly, and helpful. In the event of any errors, we can rely on our PlayTurbo agent, who is always willing to assist us in resolving our doubts and even collaborate on designing a tool to facilitate our review of final playables.

Juliette Urquiza

UA Creative Lead at Hyperbeard


Mintegral has been an invaluable monetization partner for SEGA in the US market. Their exceptional performance and stability have made them one of our top revenue drivers, contributing significantly to our ad revenue. We highly appreciate the outstanding results they consistently deliver and further collaboration.

Jay Shah

Ad Monetization Manager at SEGA


Working with the Mintegral team has been a wonderful and collaborative experience, and we appreciate their transparency and dedicated support every step of the way. As a result, our team has been able to achieve promising ROAS for the Trivia Crack title while scaling up globally.

Nicolasa Giorgetti and Delfina Buratovich

User Acquisition at Etermax


We are able to help our clients achieve promising ROAS while scaling up growth with Mintegral. Working with the Mintegral team has been a great and collaborative experience. I appreciate their transparency and dedicated support every step of the way. Yay for shared success!

Vanessa Pham

User Acquisition at Upptic


Mintegral has been a crucial partner within our UA strategy. Its platform has enabled us to significantly scale our activities while maintaining our ROAS targets. The implementation of the new ROAS campaigns, along with the dedicated support from their team, allowed us to further improve our performance and achieve our KPls while also saving us time with the optimizations.

Lucila Shajar Radzinsky

User Acquisition Manager at Moonee


Mintegral has always been one of our strongest partners. With the launch of the D0 ROAS campaign, which is maturing and improving every day, we have noticed significant incremental results on the network. With Mintegral's ongoing technological advancements in their products, we believe we'll reach evenhigher visibility in the future.

Samrat Singh

UA & Monetization Associate at HOMA


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