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Working with the Mintegral team has been a wonderful and collaborative experience, and we appreciate their transparency and dedicated support every step of the way. As a result, our team has been able to achieve promising ROAS for the Trivia Crack title while scaling up globally.

Nicolasa Giorgetti and Delfina Buratovich

User Acquisition at Etermax


We are able to help our clients achieve promising ROAS while scaling up growth with Mintegral. Working with the Mintegral team has been a great and collaborative experience. I appreciate their transparency and dedicated support every step of the way. Yay for shared success!

Vanessa Pham

User Acquisition at Upptic


Mintegral has been a crucial partner within our UA strategy. Its platform has enabled us to significantly scale our activities while maintaining our ROAS targets. The implementation of the new ROAS campaigns, along with the dedicated support from their team, allowed us to further improve our performance and achieve our KPls while also saving us time with the optimizations.

Lucila Shajar Radzinsky

User Acquisition Manager at Moonee


Mintegral has always been one of our strongest partners. With the launch of the D0 ROAS campaign, which is maturing and improving every day, we have noticed significant incremental results on the network. With Mintegral's ongoing technological advancements in their products, we believe we'll reach evenhigher visibility in the future.

Samrat Singh

UA & Monetization Associate at HOMA


Mintegral has helped us unlock and reach new audiences in our key markets while keeping the CPIs on low level. Their support is at a high level as they are very responsive and keep helping us with all kinds of requests and suggestions on how to grow our app. We look forward to continuing our growth journey with Mintegral and testing new strategies with them.

The JustPlay Team

Mamboo Games

Mintegral is one of the leading media platforms for promotion our games. Mintegral utilizes the video ad format well that has great potential for advertisers. The service has a vast portion of advantages from the performance marketing side as well. The consultant and operation service provided by MTG is very efficient and we’re looking forward to continuing cooperation in 2023 and growing our games further together.

Artur Beresnev

User Acquisition Manager at Mamboo Games

YSO Corp

Mintegral is a very strong user acquisition partner of ours, and we have been able to reach our ROAS goals through their high-quality traffic. They also help us deal with any issues quickly and professionally. We look forward to growing our future partnership with this platform and look forward to our further growth as well. On the monetization side, we were surprised to see how much Mintegral helped us boost our monetization efforts for our games actually Mintegral has become one of the most valuable partners in worldwide.

Jean-Claude Yalap

Co-founder of YSO Corp

Admost mediation

As Admost Mediation, we are happy to have Mintegral as one of our bidding partners amongst our rich bidding inventory. Our partnership continues to grow strong with their support team and easy SDK that enables smooth integration process. We are keen about what the future holds for this partnership.

Admost Mediation


Having been cooperating with Mintegral for a long time, we can say with confidence that everything suits us as a company. The traffic quality is on top, as well as the possibilities to scale CPI and test various GEOs. The support team and the algorithms of the system itself work great from the beginning. Mintegral is our reliable and strong UA partner!

Sarah Anderson

User Acquisition Manager at MAGIC SOLUTIONS DMCC Company


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