Full-stack Programmatic Services to Boost Your Global Growth

As a technology-driven programmatic mobile ad platform, we aim to boost your mobile success through full-stack programmatic products and services from supply-side to demand-side. These include an SSP, monetization platform, ad exchange, DSP, self-service advertiser platform, DMP, and a creative automation platform powered by Mindworks, Mintegral’s creative studio.


Transparent, accurate, and measurable

Results speak for themselves, and so do we. We focus on authentic, high-quality growth

Driven by product and technology

We're empowered by the continuous improvement of our programmatic products and technology

Trustworthy and reliable

We always put data security first

Think globally, act locally

Dive deep into the local market to drive global growth

Responsive and responsible

We’re here, 24/7 to address your pain points

We are everywhere you need us

Our 1,000+ employees across 17 global offices look forward to working with you!

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