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Our advanced algorithms help excavate the value of every ad space, making developers succeed in both premium user experience and higher revenue.

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Connect to Global High-qualityDemand-side Resources

We work with thousands of well-known advertisers worldwide from games, finance, ecommerce and other industries. So you can get access to our global premium demand-side resources. We also help you sell your inventory to the highest bidders programmatically and achieve better fill rate and highest eCPM.

Connect to Global High-quality Demand-side Resources

Customizable SDK and easy integration

We’ve partnered with thousands of iOS and Android developers, providing our light-weight SDKs that can be tailored to different app development environments giving them more stable performance. We also work with several of the leading ad mediation platforms including AdMob and MoPub to ensure your campaigns generate the best possible returns.

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Creating the Best Possible Experience with Customized Ad Formats

We are dedicated to providing the right monetization strategies for developers and delivering the best advertising experience. Use our comprehensive portfolio of ad formats to engage users and increase your ad revenue by delivering a superior user experience.

  • Interactive Ad
    Interactive ad formats such as playable ad and interactive end-card can be designed into the game journey and be used in conjunction with rewarded video to increase user engagement and achieve a better result. Experience More
  • Rewarded Video
    Customized advertising is integrated into the app or game experience, offering users an incentive of an in-game reward in return for watching a video.
  • Interstitial Video
    Interstitials take advantage of any natural breaking points within the app to give users an opportunity to watch a video that’s tailored to their interests and demographics.
  • Native In-feed Ad
    Native advertising seamlessly integrates text, images or video into your app's UI and content stream, providing a non-intrusive advertising experience.
  • Native App Wall
    The native app wall is a non-rewarded recommendation list of apps. The ads are placed on a separate page within the app, using a customized portal to direct users to the page and download the apps they need.
  • In-app Image Ads
    Show visually compelling image ads at certain places in the app, quickly catching their attention. These formats include interstitial,banner and full-screen ads.

AI Technology Maximizes Ad Revenue

Backed by a combination of Big Data and proprietary machine learning, we accurately predict which ad drives the highest revenue and delivers the best possible results. Through AI algorithm, the highest bids and the best quality ads combined to appear at the most appropriate space in your apps, giving users the perfect user experience and increasing your ad revenue.

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AI Technology Maximizes Monetization Value

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