Mintegral - Making Developer Succeed in both Premium User Experience and Higher Revenue

Grow Higher Ad Revenue

Our advanced optimization algorithms helps excavate the value of every ad space,
making you succeed in both premium user experience and higher revenue.

Good news

Mintegral Developer Bonus Program

Our $35 million Developer Bonus Program is launching now. This bonus program aimed at new app developers and publishers who are interested in using interactive formats such as rewarded video and playable ads to achieve monetization. New developers and publishers who sign up and integrate your apps with our SDK will earn an additional percentage of bonuses from Mintegral.

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Customized Ad Formats with Higher Revenue

Mintegral Creative Lab is dedicated to providing developers with innovative advertising experiences. We use all the new ad formats - video, native, interactive - to engage users, maintain the best user experience and optimize the whole process to drive higher revenue.


Connect to High-quality Demand-side Resources Worldwide

We work with thousands of well-known advertisers worldwide from game, finance, ecommerce and other industries. You can get access to our global premium demand-side resources. We also help you sell your inventory to the highest bidders and achieve better fill rate and highest eCPM by programmatic buying.

AI Technology Maximizes Monetization Value

Backed by a combination of Big Data and proprietary machine learning, we accurately predict which ad drives the highest revenue and delivers the best possible result. Through AI algorithms, the ads with the highest bid and quality appear in the most appropriate location in your apps, giving your users the perfect user experience and increasing the monetization value of your apps.