Mintegral: Grow your mobile app business in APAC

The Bridge between East and West
Grow Your Mobile App Business in APAC

Mintegral — Grow Your Mobile App Business in APAC

Programmatic, AI, Interactive

We are an AI-driven, programmatic, interactive advertising platform with a focus on the APAC market. We can help you to rapidly grow your mobile app business with one-stop user acquisition, app monetization and cutting-edge creative solutions.

User Acquisition
Power by machine learning, our intelligent algorithms help you reach the right audiences through our supply of premium inventory and eye-catching ad creative.

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Our platform supports multiple ad formats, including the latest and most innovative ad experience.  We can help you create great user experience that drives user engagement and revenue.

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Innovative Creatives
We bring together creativity, design and technology to provide you with high-quality video and interactive creatives that drive mobile marketing success.

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Mobile Video & Interactive Ads Done Right

Global Business & Global Reach

  • 2,000+
    Partnered Advertisers
  • 2,400+
    Partnered Publishers
  • 950M+
  • 400M
  • 200+
    Countries & Regions
  • 11,000+
    Partnered Apps

Working with Global App Developers

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