About Mintegral Ads

About Mintegral Ads

This advertisement is served by Mintegral.

If you are a customer that uses an application which contains the Mintegral SDK or otherwise interacts with the ad service provided by Mintegral, we may collect certain information about you. Below is our policy which describes what information about you we may collect, how we use the information and guidelines for opt-out of personalized ads. This policy also introduces the way you can report to us with regard to privacy protection issues or ad problems. For more details of our privacy policy and related information of our data processing practice, please refer to our privacy policy.

1. Introduction

This policy applies to information collection and use by Mintegral while Users: (i) view ads served by the Mintegral Services;(ii) interact with the Mintegral Services; or (iii) interact with platforms, applications, websites or other services provided by Mintegral’s business partners (e.g. app publisher, advertiser). It also introduces the way you can report to us with regard to privacy protection issues or ad problems.

Our technology enables our partners to show Users more relevant advertising that is based on Users’ interests and behaviors. In order to provide Mintegral Services, we may collect and use certain information about User activity and preferences. We understand how important it is to keep such User’ personal information confidential and discrete, especially in today’s online world. To this end, we have designed this Policy in a format that is easy to navigate and read so that our privacy practices can be clearly understood.

The Mintegral Services may link to third party websites, Apps or other third party content. Please note that we cannot control the treatment of a User’s information by such third parties, and that the privacy practices of third parties likely differ from those described in this Policy.

2. How And Why We Collect Users’ Information

Depending on the nature of a User’s interaction with the Mintegral Services, or any service provided by Mintegral’s business partners, we may collect information directly from such User or from our business partners (e.g. mobile application developers, Ad Exchange platforms, and advertisers). For example, when we partner with an Ad Exchange platform and the Ad Exchange platform initiates an ad request to our DSP, it may share User’s information with us.

As a mobile ad platform, the reasons and purposes for us to collect Users’ personal information are for displaying ads on Users’ device, including building profile about Users in order to serve interest-based ads based on information we collect; monitoring traffic and measuring the performance and effectiveness of ads including preventing any fraud; understanding and analyzing Users’ usage trends and preferences; improving our service and develop our new products; ensuring the safty and security of process and system.

When we collect information about our partners’ business representatives such as name and email address, our purpose is to contact them for business communication including necessary communication for purpose of performing the agreements with our partners.

3. Information We May Collect From Users

When you view ads served by Mintegral Service or interact with services provided by Mintegral’s business partners, we and/or our business partners may collect your information.

We or our business partners may collect your personal information including the following: device make, device model, operating system (e.g. iOS) and the OS version of the device, device type (e.g. smartphone, tablet, etc.), screen size, orientation and battery, carrier information, version and characteristic of the app used by you when you interact with Mintegral’s Service, country, time zone and locale settings (country and preferred language), network connection type, IP address, SDK version, timestamp, network status such as WiFi, mobile advertising identifier (e.g. Apple IDFA or Google advertising ID), device event information such as crashes, system activity, hardware settings, the date and time of your request and referral URL, user-agent, package name of the app of Mintegral’s business partners, IDFV, system file size, system update time, system boot time, device user name, RAM (random access memory), remaining available RAM, CPU version. We or our business partners may also collect international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) and Android ID solely for mainland China.

We provide Mintegral Service for our business partners such as mobile application developers and advertisers. We may collect name, job title, email address, account name and password, IP address and address of individuals using Mintegral Services on behalf of our business partners, such as employees of our mobile application developers or advertisers.

4. How We Use Users’ Personal Information

Your device might be distinguished from other devices based on information it automatically send, such as IP address or browser. Your device may be identified based on a scan of your device’s unique combination of characteristics. Identifier for Advertiser or other information may be stored or accessed on your device for purposes presented to you under this Policy. Your device can receive and send information that allows you to see and interact with ads and content. We use your personal information to display ads on your device. Ads may be shown to you based on the content you’re viewing, the app you’re using, your approximate location, or your device type. We may build profile about you and your interest and to show you personalized ads or behavioral ads which are relevant to you and customized to your inferred interests, preferences, locations and other features based on profile about you. Where required, our business partners (e.g. publishers) will obtain User consent for and on our behalf for our processing of User personal information for profiling and displaying ads, including personalized ads or behavioral ads, on a User’s device. A User can withdraw their consent at any time.

Where necessary in our legitimate interests we use your personal information: (i) to measure the performance and effectiveness of ads that you see or interact with, including measuring the traffic quality in order to perform our contractual obligations to our business partners; (ii) to understand and analyze your usage trends and preferences, improve our Mintegral Service, and to develop new products; (iii) for purpose of monitoring and preventing fraudulent activity, and ensuring systems and processes work properly and securely.

We may also collect and use personal information of Users who are representing our business partners to use Mintegral Service (e.g. employees of our publishers or advertisers) for purpose of business contact and direct marking (e.g. sending marketing emails). Where required, our business partner will obtain such Users’ consent for and on our behalf for our processing of their personal information.

We may also use personal information about Users to comply with applicable laws, regulations or codes of practice, and to protect our legitimate interest and protect the rights or property of us or any other third parties.

5. Disclosure of Users’ Personal Information

We may disclose the User’s personal information to our business partners, including our advertisers, to report the measurement of the performance and effectiveness of ads that User see or interact with, including measuring the traffic quality in order to perform our contractual obligations to our business partners (e.g. advertisers), and to prevent fraudulent activity.. These business partners may use the Users’ personal information to measure Users’ ad/site interaction and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of ads that User see or interact with, identify Users’ interest areas, better understand the site and app traffic usage or User behavior in order to improve their services. Our business partners’ use of the information that we disclose to them will be governed by their privacy policies.

We may also use third party technical service providers (e.g. cloud service provider) to process the Users’ personal information for purpose of ensuring systems and processes work properly and securely, and for purpose of data storage.

We may also share aggregate or anonymous information with other third parties in accordance with the terms of this Policy.

Our affiliates may also have access to Users’ personal information for the purposes set out in this policy.

We may share Users’ personal information as required or permitted by law to comply with a subpoena or similar legal process or government request, or when we believe in good faith that disclosure is legally required or otherwise necessary to protect our rights and property, or the rights, property or safety of others, including to advisers, law enforcement agencies, judicial and regulatory authorities. We may also transfer Users’ personal information to a third party that acquires all or part of our assets or shares, or that succeeds us in carrying on all or a part of our business, whether by merger, acquisition, reorganisation or otherwise.

6. Your Rights

If you are in the EEA, you have a right to (subject to a limited number of exceptions as permitted by GDPR): (i) request access to and rectification or erasure of your personal information; (ii) obtain restriction of processing or to object to processing of your personal information; and (iii) ask for a copy of your personal information to be provided to them, or a third party, in a digital format. You also have the right to lodge a complaint about the processing of your personal information with your local data protection authority in the EEA.

If you are residents of the State of California in the United States, effective from January 1, 2020, you have a right to:

(i) exercise certain consumer rights such as request to know, disclose, access or delete your data, collected in the last 12 months, by writing to us at privacy@mintegral.com; and (ii) opt out of selling of your data by clicking on the following link: DO NOT SELL MY DATA.

Guidance of Opt out

You can opt-out from receiving interest-based advertising or behavioural advertising from Mintegral on supported devices following the guideline below.

  • Your iOS mobile device may provide a “Limit Ad Tracking” setting. On Android devices, your settings may allow you to “Opt out of Interest-Based Ads.” When you have opted out using this setting on a device, Mintegral will not use in-app information collected from that device to infer your interests or serve ads to that device that are targeted based on your inferred interests.
  • Your mobile web browser may also provide a “Do Not Track” browser setting. When you have enabled this setting in your browser, Mintegral will not use mobile web browsing information from that browser to infer your interests or serve ads to that device that are targeting based on your inferred interests.

If you have question about your data right, please contact privacy@mintegral.com. Please kindly note that the privacy email address is only handling the privacy and personal data protection issues, if there is any problem you need to report to us as the ad content, you can contact us via reportads@mintegral.com.

7. International Transfers

When you are located in the EEA, personal information collected from you, including through our Mintegral Service, will be transferred to recipients in countries located outside the EEA, including in China, US and countries which may not be decided by the European Commission that it provides an adequate level of protection to personal information. Where required by law, the publisher and/or advertiser will obtain your consent to the transfer of your personal information to Minegral, Mintegral’s affiliates, and/or any recipients as described in this policy, which are located outside the EEA. You may withdraw your consent at any time.

Mintegral has entered into EU standard contractual clauses (“Model Contracts”) for intra-group transfers of personal information to its affiliates. You can contact us to request a copy of these Model Contracts.

8. Security of Users’ Personal Information

The security of User’s information is our utmost priority, and we take strict measures in order to protect our data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure or destruction of data. We have implemented physical, technical and administrative security measures for the Services that comply with applicable laws and industry standards. For example, we use firewalls, encryption technology and other automated software designed to protect against fraud and identity theft; our data is only stored in centers that provide high-level security for User’s information. Physical access is strictly controlled both at the perimeter and at building ingress points by our staff utilizing video surveillance and other electronic means.

We also protect User’s privacy by seeking to minimize the amount of sensitive data that we store on our servers in the first place. We also seek appropriate contractual protection from our partners regarding their treatment of user data.

Mintegral may retain the information relating to you collected from our business partners as necessary for the provision of the services, internal analytical purposes, or to comply with its legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce agreements (e.g. settlement). We will only keep your personal information for as long as necessary and in any event in relation to personal information collected by us according to this Policy we will only keep this personal information for no less than two (2) years. The criteria used to determine the retention periods include: (i) how long the personal data is needed to provide the services and operate the business; (ii) the type of personal data collected; and (iii) whether we are subject to a legal, contractual or similar obligation to retain the data (e.g., mandatory data retention laws, government orders to preserve data relevant to an investigation, or data that must be retained for the purposes of litigation or disputes).

9. Children

We ensure that we comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Publishers with apps directed to children under the age of thirteen (13) must enable the COPPA settings when using the Mintegral Services. This allows Mintegral to ensure that any persistent identifiers collected about Users of apps that are flagged as “child-directed” will be processed according to the requirements of COPPA, including not being used to serve behaviorally-targeted ads or track users for such purposes. In addition, we will not knowingly collect any other personal information (such as the precise geo-location of Users’ devices) from Users of Apps that we know to be directed to children under the age of thirteen (13).

If a parent or guardian becomes aware that his or her child has provided us with information without their consent, he or she should promptly contact us and we take reasonable steps to ensure that such information is deleted from our files.

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