Building Better Ads in 2021

In a world that's slowly opening up post-Covid, how can marketers combine great ideas with cutting-edge tech while also staying within budget?

Jeff Sue, General Manager, Americas2021-04-15

Gaming exploded in 2020 with the majority of the world stuck indoors for a number of months. Even now, with the world slowly opening up and some countries with a handle on the situation, many continue to work remote and spend much longer at home than pre-pandemic. We’ve already seen a boost in hyper-casual game downloads and in some markets, a higher threshold for ad consumption, especially rewarded video. With this boost in in-app advertising but growth marketers ever more aware of their budgets, it is important for advertisers not to get complacent on their creatives. Constantly evaluating effectiveness and testing underutilized ad formats will help keep up your conversion rate. An example of this is the rise of playable ads, due to how engaging we’ve seen them be for hyper-casual titles. 

Adopting automation? 

Playable ads can require heavy upfront time/cost investments from storyboarding, design, development, A/B testing. Increasing your ROAS will come as a result of how much effort is put in to produce a multitude of these creatives. By automating this, advertisers can manage their campaigns, A/B test, and quickly iterate creatives at scale, so they can find the best-performing creatives and maximize their ROI straight away.

Through A/B testing it’s even possible to start picking up on creative elements that outperform others and produce iterations that reflect this. These iterable ads are a major bonus to automation platforms, as granular optimization of ad creatives can enable advertisers to achieve their optimization goals and cut down on costs considerably. 

App store optimization and innovating with creatives

Apple’s imminent iOS 14.5 update is coming in hot and as with everything else, it will have an impact on how marketers approach their ASO efforts. Recent research shows up to 80% of users will opt out of IDFA tracking and as a result, developers have been looking at ways to boost their organic installs instead. 

From an attribution standpoint, the App Store tends to be the final touchpoint in the customer journey so you can imagine more emphasis will be put on driving downloads through preview videos that stand out from the crowd. Utilizing preview videos could prove to be a new, creative way to market your app. 

What should be taken advantage of?

The theme of playable ads continues to rear its head, as they continue to perform. Well-designed playable ads tend to generate not only the best engagement rates but also the greatest LTV. Furthermore, most brands and advertisers believe that playable ads generate the best results for their campaigns.

As campaigns grow in reach and scale, advertisers must optimize their ad creatives to ensure they maximize their campaign ROI. Since playable ads are HTML5-based, you don’t need to render and export the results every time you want to make a change. This is where Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) excels. 

DCO gives advertisers unprecedented ability to optimize multiple variables of the creatives in real-time. DCO on playable ads gives advertisers a huge advantage over those who don’t implement them, as it provides a type of personalization never-before-seen in an ad creative. DCO is a core feature of Playturbo, a playable ad creative platform built by Mintegral’s in-house creative studio Mindworks to help advertisers customize their playable ads in a matter of seconds.

Data collected about the user continuously helps optimize and as such, it’s easy to see how advertisers can grow and increase their goals through DCO. Notably, Mintegral’s in-house creative studio, Mindworks, helped Voodoo optimize its playable ads and improved the overall campaign performance. For example, one of Voodoo’s latest games, “Stack Colors!,” utilized the DCO feature to automatically combine the best creative elements at each position of the ad. At the end of the campaign, Voodoo experienced a 75.4% increase in installs per impression rate (IVR) compared to the original playable ad.

Take your creatives to the next level

Combining fresh ideas with cutting-edge technology to craft innovative experiences and tell captivating stories is what creatives are all about. Keeping this in mind will help you reach your target audience and boost your marketing ROI.

If you want to take your campaigns to the next level, you need high-quality ad creatives, and Mintegral’s in-house studio, the Mindworks Creative Lab has the skills and resources to help. Contact the Mintegral team today for more information.

Jeff Sue is the General Manager of the Americas for Mintegral, bringing 12+ years of experience in the ad-tech industry. Jeff oversees the user acquisition and ad monetizations parts of the business for the Americas, consulting developers on the opportunities in China and broader APAC. Before joining Mintegral, Jeff worked as a business development executive for Nativex, HyprMX, and Fyber.
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