Mintegral Ranks as a Top Ad Network on Singular’s 2022 ROI Index

We constantly strive to provide our publishers and advertisers with sustainable growth

Kevin Ford, Mintegral's Senior Marketing Manager2022-02-09

Singular recently released their annual ROI Index which recognizes the top global ad partners and their ability to deliver ROI and retention. The comprehensive ROI Index ranks 300 of the top-performing ad networks on both iOS and Android by 30-day ROI, and takes into account $20B in ad spend, 5000 apps, and advanced insights from their fraud detection solution. It is fantastic to see that from the 27 total categories, Mintegral was recognized by Singular in the following: 

Top 20

  • Top 20: Most ROI Index Placements
  • Top 20: Most ROI Index Placements w/ Subsidiaries


  • SKAN royalty: Top Networks
  • iOS 14.5, 15, and up: Best ROI Ad Networks 
    • Top Global Ad Partners
    • Top Gaming Ad Partners
    • Top North America


  • Android: Best ROI Ad Networks
  • Android: Highest Retention Ad Networks
    • Top APAC

As with every year, we are excited that our ROI index features a host of notable ad networks that provide the most value to our customers. We are delighted that this year, Mintegral is not only back in the Index, but is performing highly in many categories. We are proud to have a strong partner in Mintegral, and look forward to our continued work together. -Eran Friendman, CTO & Co-Founder, Singular


Quality ad inventory

Through our mediation integrations with the likes of Mopub, Chartboost’s Helium and MAX, we’ve built a robust traffic network. In just a few years we’ve partnered with over 50,000 apps across the globe in both gaming and non-gaming categories. 


iOS 14.5, 15 & up

The 2022 edition of Singular’s ROI Index also included a category for performance across iOS 14.5 15 & up. It is no surprise Mintegral also ranked particularly well across this segment given we became the first Chinese ad network to support SKAdNetwork. Being dubbed a top network in the ‘SKAN Royalty’ categories comes down to the fact that our algorithm and estimation capabilities have helped our partners actually boost their ad revenue in the post-IDFA era. Given the impact IDFA deprecation has had on the industry, seeing Mintegral rank as Best ROI Ad Network, a Top Global Ad Partner, Top Gaming Ad Partner and Top in North America was very rewarding.

It is fantastic to see Mintegral outperform the market and rank so highly in so many different categories. We constantly strive to provide our publishers and advertisers with sustainable growth and our multiple rankings reflect this” said Erick Fang, CEO of Mintegral.  “Since the beginning, a core principle of Mintegral has been to bridge the East and West so it is a great honor to be recognized as the top ad network in APAC and North America.”

Mintegral has grown at an incredible pace over the past few years. These 3rd party indexes provide an invaluable resource to our partners and clients and reassure them of our commitment to sustainably boosting their ROI.  If you’re looking to take your mobile business to the next level, contact the Mintegral team today.

Kevin Ford is the Senior Marketing Manager of Mintegral.
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