Mintegral SDK Going Open-Source For Increased Transparency And Security

Following some recent allegations against our SDK, we have decided to move it to open-source. Read on to find out more about this change.

Erick Fang, CEO of Mintegral2020-09-04

We’ve been hard at work in the background, following some recent allegations raised about the ad data collected by our SDK. The allegations struck a nerve specifically because the industry’s data practices have often been contested. While in our case the accusations were completely false, we believe it’s important for the ad-tech industry to increase its transparency. This is why, moving forward, we’ve decided to make the Mintegral SDK open-source, and provide complete visibility into its inner workings. We also encourage our fellow ad-tech companies to join us in this initiative, and in so doing increase the transparency of the entire mobile advertising ecosystem. 


Why move to open-source SDK?

There are two main reasons we have decided to go open source. First one is transparency. As open-source SDKs are completely accessible to developers, anyone and everyone using it can learn exactly how it works, without any concerns around unwanted code and/or functionality. We believe that this should be a standard for all ad-tech companies moving forward, not just our own.

Since everyone will be able to access it (and improve it), this will make our open-source SDK more secure. It will be easier and faster to identify & address any risk as the SDK will undergo constant review by the mobile community.


Open-source SDK is the future

We’ve realized that making your SDKs open-source benefits the whole mobile ad industry, from its customers and end-users (with increased transparency and security) to providing other equally-important features, like speed, quality, and customizability. We want to help drive this change, and we encourage other players in our industry to do the same in order for the entire advertising ecosystem to thrive.

As the industry demands more transparency from its players, we believe it’s important to provide full clarity around our SDK capabilities. As a COPPA-certified member, and fighting ad fraud with the adoption of App-Ads.txt; to getting open measurement SDK certification from IAB Tech Lab and adding support for Sellers.json and Supply Chain Object, Mintegral has always been a major advocate for data privacy, security, and transparency.


What’s next?

Our SDK will be open-source soon, hopefully within the next week, and we will notify everyone as soon as that happens. Please bear with us, as this is a significant undertaking, but we will do our best to get this done as soon as possible. We will also release another article where we will provide more details around this move, how our SDK works, and more, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact the Mintegral team.

Erick Fang is the CEO of Mintegral.
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