Mintegral’s Recent Results Show Why It Should Be in Your Ad Mediation Mix

Parent company Mobvista announced that its subsidiary Mintegral retained 86% of its advertisers and grew its new advertisers by 28.1% compared to Q1 2021, and partners of Mintegral also got better results after switching to use Mintegral mediation platforms.

Vali Scorus, Mintegral's Content Marketing Manager2021-07-19

Recently, parent company Mobvista announced that its subsidiary Mintegral retained 86% of its advertisers and grew its new advertisers by 28.1% compared to Q1 2021. In addition to this, the publisher retention rate was 92.9% and new publishers grew by 16.8%. There was also an increase of 15.3% in publisher apps utilizing the Mintegral platform. All in all, Mintegral’s Q2 2021 revenue surged to $127.7million, up 53.1% YoY.

It is the constant improvements to our technology that made this growth possible. As the use of IDFA has been limited for months since iOS 14.5 was launched, the UA and monetization performance was affected by all parties across the board.

Compared to other platforms, our team at Mintegral was well-prepared for these changes ahead of time and we managed to show even stronger growth thanks to our algorithm capabilities and our LAT traffic estimation abilities:

  • According to feedback from some of our partners, since the launch of iOS 14.5 Mintegral has been one of the top 3 monetization partners in terms of ad revenue
  • Compared with data from the beginning of the year, Mintegral’s overall in-app bidding win rate has increased by an industry-leading 36%, which effectively improved partners’ ARPU

Many developers from various markets around the world became aware of our growth potential, and have switched to mediation platforms that support Mintegral and start using our bidding features. Our partners started getting better results after switching, here’s what they had to say about us:


EMEA Market 

ARPDAU increase

About Dual Cat

  • Famous hyper-casual developer & publisher from France
  • 100M+ downloads, 10M+ MAUs
  • Popular games: Bubble Tea, Jelly Fill

“Mintegral adds a lot of value to our user acquisition process as they give us a leverage for massive scaling (Mintegral is our top2 network on UA), and to our monetization with their very good performance on in-app bidding on all placements increasing ARPDAU by 14%. They represent a significant share of voice on our ad inventory.”

Gary Cohen, Dual Cat Co-founder


ARPDAU increase

About Coda Platform

  • Famous UK hyper-casual gaming publisher
  • Popular games: Real Drive 3D, Rope Rescue!

“Mintegral is one of the top networks in our monetization portfolio. We have observed a 15% increase in ARPDAU thanks to Mintegral since we started working again last December. They are an outstanding partner for us.”

Baris Tigli, Monetization Lead at Coda


ARPDAU increase

About Homa Games

  • Famous French hyper-casual gaming publisher
  • Popular games: Sky Roller, Z Escape

“Mintegral works with us both on monetization and UA, contributing with our growth globally with their very good performance on all placements and helping us to increase ARPDAU by 15%. Until now, Mintegral is our top 5 network on UA and monetization worldwide, and it is also our top 3 network on both UA and monetization in the Chinese market. Mintegral has become a major share of voice in our ad inventory.”

Xiaolong Zhang, APAC Growth Director at Homa Games


APAC Market

iOS ARPDAU and eCPM increases
ARPDAU and eCPM increases in the China Market


  • Famous hyper-casual gaming publisher from Vietnam
  • Popular games: Red&Blue Stickman, Erase Games

“We have been working closely with Mintegral for about 1.5 years in both monetization and UA. This has resulted in 3x REV and 5x UA increases respectively and we look forward to continuing and developing our partnership in the near future.”

Tri Nguyen, Monetization Lead at FUNNI


ARPU increase

About EZ Games

  •  Famous hyper-casual gaming publisher from Vietnam
  • Popular games: Idle Workout Master

“Mintegral has helped us grow sustainably both in terms of UA & monetization with high-quality users. To achieve these results, the Mintegral team has was there to provide us with comprehensive and dedicated support, helping us fulfill our business goals.”

Sylvie Hoang, Operation Head at EZGames


China Market

ARPDAU increase


  •  Chinese games publisher focusing on music games
  • Excellent results when going global, several games have surpassed 10 million downloads
  • Popular games: Smash Colors 3D

“Our user acquisition results and monetization revenue have improved significantly after integrating Mintegral SDK through mediation. On top of this, Mintegral also provided us with dedicated support and solid suggestions to help us grow further, so we look forward to working with Mintegral again in the future.”

Joyce Zhao, Head of Marketing at BADSNOWBALL


ARPU increase

About ZPlay

  •  Famous games publisher from China
  • One of the top 15 Chinese game publishers going global in 2020
  • Games: Lip Art 3D

“We have enjoyed working with the Mintegral team in the past few years, both in terms of user acquisition and ad monetization. Mintegral’s edge in terms of European and US traffic has brought us great opportunities for our products’ UA and monetization efforts. I expect us to continue our partnership and together I am confident we will find even more success in the future.”

Jack Ho, ZPLAY Founder & CEO


More and more mediation platforms supporting Mintegral

At present, 50,000+ mobile apps around the world have integrated the Mintegral SDK and the daily ad requests for our SDK have reached 9 billion. Mintegral is now supported by mainstream mediation platforms in the market and developers can increase their monetization revenue by integrating Mintegral via the following mediation platforms:

We are extremely proud and humbled to be able to help you solve your acquisition and monetization challenges through our programmatic products and technology. As a bridge connecting the East and the West, we at Mintegral will continue to improve and help more games and apps scale up their user acquisition efforts. Contact the Mintegral team today and we will help you achieve revenue growth in the global market by providing high-quality, reliable mobile advertising technology.

Vali Scorus is Mintegral's Content Marketing Manager, responsible for digital and social media content. Vali has over 10 years of experience covering the gaming industry.
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