Brain Out - Mintegral

With the help of Mintegral, Brain Out, a mobile game created by Eyewind, has performed extremely well in the US, Japan, and Korea markets, placing constantly in the top 10 on the Free Games charts.

The Background

“Brain Out” is a free puzzle game created by Chinese developer Eyewind. The game consists of a series of tricky brain teasers and different riddles that evaluate the player’s logical thinking, reflexes, accuracy, memory, and creativity. 

In order to get quality users at scale and increase the revenue, Eyewind partnered with Mintegral on ad creatives, advertising and monetization. 

The Solutions

Mintegral’s creative studio, Mindworks, created custom video ads as well as interactive ads based on the features of the game, constantly monitoring and optimizing their performance.

Mintegral helped Eyewind with its user acquisition efforts for Brain Out, but was also its global monetization partner for the game’s iOS version. The monetization component of this full-stack solution revolved around the integration of Mintegral’s rewarded video and interstitial video ads.

In addition to Brain Out, Mintegral has partnered with Eyewind to offer UA and monetization solutions, helping its puzzle games like Super Brain and Stump Me to get to the top the charts and gain global success.

A BingEyewind co-founder

Mintegral’s full-stack solution, from UA to monetization and ad creatives, has proven extremely effective. Their hard work, as well as their fast response during this entire process, made them a valuable partner and we look forward to our continued cooperation with Mintegral.

The Results

By constantly optimization, Mintegral was able to create a solid mix that included video and playable ads, leading to an IVR increase of more than 80% compared to the original mix of video ad and Endcard. 

With help from the Mintegral team, the game quickly gained popularity and became a hit across several major markets around the world, consistently ranking in the Top 10 Free Games charts in the US, Korea and Japan.

Supported by Mintegral’s premium monetization strategies, the game quickly reached and then surpassed the revenue targets in several markets including China, the US, Japan, and Korea.