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Videogame Guardians

Our partnership with Mintegral was not just about campaigns and acquisition of power users. Super Planet was able to gain unique know-how thanks to Mintegral who knows the Chinese market best and has information that helped us understand and develop insights on this market.

The Background

Videogame Guardians is loved by global users because Super Planet smartly identified local cultures and game trends of many countries and quickly reflected them in its game. Super Planet is known as a studio that always thinks hard and does a lot of research in terms of localization for game elements as well as what marketing materials and methods can effectively engage local users.

The biggest challenge is to understand local sentiments and cultures to provide relevant service. Super Planet need to develop a game that takes many cultures into consideration. Also, it has to be thoughtful and careful about cultural differences especially when it directly interact with users in communities, 1-on-1 inquiries or at events. Super Planet respond to them by getting advice from local staff, but still, Super Planet run into difficult moments from time to time. 

The game itself has many components that Chinese gamers find interesting, but Super Planet made various efforts to understand Chinese users. 

The Solutions

Super Planet launched large-scale campaigns to acquire users in partnership with
Mintegral who has expertise on the Chinese market, and the campaigns played a very
critical role. 

Since September 2018, Super Planet has implemented UA marketing campaigns for
Videogame Guardians in China and Taiwan in partnership with Mintegral. 

Super Planet says that it benefifited from the UA campaigns it ran with Mintegral in terms of 
increasing the user base, but what it found most rewarding was that it could thoroughly analyze data to fifigure out what it should do and with what kind of data to use to precisely
understand the Chinese market and acquire more users going forward. 

Our Strengths

In terms of UA performance, the greatest strength of Mintegral is a stable volume backed by
a quality user pool. From an operational point of view, Mintegral’s thorough monitoring andprompt responses were very impressive. For instance, Mintegral actively proposed campaigns while exploring effificient sub-media by paying keen attention to the monitoring

Moreover, Mintegral’s weekly reports were another important source of valuable information. Super Planet were able to get various insights on games that we had not known before. The reports helped them a lot to analyze the overseas market.

The results

According to Super Planet, during the campaign period, more than 200 new users were acquired daily, and the number of loyal users quickly went up. 

In October, immediately after forming a partnership with Mintegral in September, Videogame Guardians saw steep growth in the number of downloads and ranking.

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