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Mindworks, our in-house creative studio crafts interactive ads and creative videos to help advertisers power their ad campaigns to the next level.

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Turn your playable ads into dozens of alternative versions in minutes with Playturbo. Simply choose the creative assets and parameters to generate new playable ads and use them across all your multi-channel campaigns quickly and easily.

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What do our clients say
about mintegral’s creatives?

  • As our UA and playable ad creative partner, Mindworks has produced a large number of fantastic playable ads and video creatives to present the fun and uniqueness of the gameplay. Interactive playable ad is like a bridge between games and users, helping us to acquire users more accurately. With the optimization of playable ads, IVR of Skipping School has increased more than double, and the game has ranked the 3rd in the ranking of Apple Store’s top free app.

    Allison BilasCOO of JoyPac
  • The result of playable ads for Tank.io has far exceeded our expectations. From the data point of view, CTR and IVR are highly improved, and the amount of acquired users has grown several times, making our ads more competitive with the same bids.

  • With the help of Mintegral’s playable ads, the CTR of video ads has been increased by 35% to 65%, and customer acquisition costs have been reduced by 18% to 31%. In this case, the problem of the high cost of user acquisition for mid-core and hardcore games has been successfully solved.

  • Mintegral's playable ads enable us to show our app in a more diverse way, but also improve the volume of install as well, helping us acquire higher-quality users through various creative contents and ad formats.

  • Mintegral's latest playable ad has successfully reduced the costs of user acquisition and greatly improved the advertising efficiency. Much to our surprised, the CTR was twice that of other ad formats, and average installation cost per user was reduced by 20%. Playable ad now has become our new weapon to improve ROI.

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