creative-studio - Mintegral

Highly Converted Ad Creative Customization Service

We created the creative studio to bring together innovative video and interactive advertising ideas, and create the ultimate advertising experience.

Highly Converted Ad Creative Customization Service

The Next Generation of Mobile Ad Entertainment

Tell your brand story in a way that combines creativity and technology, creating a scene for the brand to communicate directly with the user on the mobile side.

Interactive Advertising

Combine the latest HTML5 technology with interesting and interactive ways to give users an immersive experience and improve your ad conversion performance.

  • Playable Advertising
  • Interactive Video
  • Interactive Endcard

Creative Video

Use unique, humorous and creative content that keeps up with popular hotspots to attract users' attention, promote virality and expand your brand influence.

  • Virus Video
  • 3D Animation
  • AR Video

What Can Mintegral Creative Studio Bring to You?

  • High-efficiency creative customization
  • Quality user experience
  • Multi-version A/B test
  • In-creative data insight
  • Improve marketing effectiveness
  • Low cost