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China’s Post-Lockdown Gaming Landscape
In 2020, the Chinese mobile gaming landscape saw incredible growth due to lockdown restrictions. With these restrictions being lifted in early 2021, could the same levels of growth be maintained?
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In-App Bidding: The Secret to Boosting Your Monetization in 2020

In-app bidding technology is the future of mobile app monetization. Check out our latest ebook to find out why and, most importantly, how in-app bidding can help you boost your revenues.

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a survey of Chinese mobile gamers’ behaviour and attitudes towards mobile gaming

In order to represent the voice of Chinese gamers, we worked with research firm Newzoo to survey Chinese consumers directly, to find out their views and opinions.

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From West to East: Experience of launching mobile games in China

Mintegral has interviewed 13 mobile game developers and publishers from a range of backgrounds who have published in China to gain exclusive insight from them as to what it is like releasing games into the world’s biggest market.

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Free Report: Insights into Asia’s top mobile markets

Did you know that 58% of the $87 billion spent on mobile apps comes from consumers in the Asia-Pacific region? Inside you'll find what you need to do to tap into this mobile-first region.

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The APAC Mobile Games Market: Insights and Tips for Launching Games

Want to launch your game in China, Japan or Korea? Then find out how with our free guide to launching games in APAC

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Facts You Should Know about the APAC Mobile Gaming Market

Facts You Should Know about The APAC Mobile Gaming Market collected up-to-date market data in the mobile gaming business across key APAC countries.

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Mobile Games Advertising Report 2018

The Mobile Games Advertising Report 2018 is packed full of insight and data on how mobile advertising is being used by games companies to acquire new users and help monetize their games.

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