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Mobile Games Advertising
Report 2018

Want to understand the key trends in advertising that are shaping the mobile games industry?

Just as the growth of the mobile advertising ecosystem has been boosted by the success of the mobile games industry, the evolution of mobile games into a $30 billion industry couldn’t have happened without mobile ads. In our new report in conjunction with PocketGamer.Biz, we explore the key trends mobile advertising around games and look at how the future of mobile game advertising may evolve.

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Mobile Games Advertising Report 2018

The Mobile Games Advertising Report 2018 is packed full of insight and data on how mobile advertising is being used by games companies to acquire new users and help monetize their games.

By reading this FREE report, you’ll gain an understanding of:

  • Key insights and trends on the growth and use of mobile advertising by games companies
  • Why developers love using rewarded video, and why consumers love watching them
  • Why the use of playable ads has exploded
  • What’s next for mobile games monetization