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By the end of April 2019 Mintegral was helping Voodoo to monetize over 40 titles with programmatic in-game ads, making Mintegral Voodoo’s top monetization partner in China.
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Marshmello Music Dance

Mintegral has been one of our fastest growing partners. I can see why Mintegral has competitors scared, their passion for performance and unrivaled dedication for improving their technology and creative formats have increasingly helped both our growth on the monetization and UA sides. We greatly value their dedication and passion for performance.

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Draw Defence

Draw Defence managed to successfully break into the US Free Games Top 10 Charts. As Mintegral was the game’s only UA partner, we were the secret weapon behind its success.

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Pocket Sniper!

As one of Pocket Sniper!’s biggest UA and monetization partners, we helped the game reach the top of the charts in just 6 days. Here’s how we managed to accomplish that.

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Pmang New Matgo

We worked with Neowiz Play Studio to help them monetize their new game, Pmang New Matgo. Here are the two strategies we used to ensure the game generated stable advertising revenue.

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Boxing Star

Boxing Star continues to be a top-performing action title across both iOS and Android, and we at Mintegral are proud to have played a part in making this possible.

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Homer City

Mintegral partnered with Mynet to provide their game, Homer City, with a UA boost and help them top the US gaming charts. Thanks to our partnership, Homer City topped several US App Store charts and stayed there for a long time. Here’s how we made that possible.

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Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game

Mintegral partnered with Amanotes to provide a full-stack marketing solution for Magic Tiles 3: Piano game.

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Rescue Cut – Rope Puzzle

Thanks to this cooperation, the game quickly reached the top of the US mobile charts.

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Brain Out

With the help of Mintegral, Brain Out, a mobile game created by Eyewind, has performed extremely well in the US, Japan, and Korea markets, placing constantly in the top 10 on the Free Games charts.

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Capsule City

The playable ad slot created by Mintegral delivered 20% more revenue than a video ad, meaning the combination of rewarded video and playables signifificantly increased the overall revenues.

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Videogame Guardians

Our partnership with Mintegral was not just about campaigns and acquisition of power users. Super Planet was able to gain unique know-how thanks to Mintegral who knows the Chinese market best and has information that helped us understand and develop insights on this market.

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Coconut Island

The advertising formats added to the app by Mintegral now contribute 50% of the total ad revenues generated by the game.

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