Mintegral and MoPub partnership

Mintegral SDK Integrated Into MoPub Mediation Platform

Mintegral has announced that it has signed a partnership with MoPub, a Twitter company, which will see the Mintegral SDK available on MoPub’s ad mediation platform.

Vali Scorus, Content Marketing Manager2020-02-07

Programmatic and interactive advertising platform Mintegral is pleased to confirm the integration of its SDK into MoPub’s ad mediation platform, with the goal to enable better returns for global publishers and developers. 

In order to gain access to Mintegral’s high-quality demand-side resources, publishers and developers simply need to integrate the Mintegral SDK via the MoPub mediation platform. Following the integration, publishers and developers will be able to sell their inventory to the highest bidders and maximize their ROI as a result. 

On the advertising side, Mintegral advertising partners will benefit from an increase in both traffic and impressions, as well as more bidding opportunities thanks to MoPub’s wide reach and significant number of direct publisher relationships.

“MoPub is one of the most competent partners in the industry and this cooperation will help us improve our understanding of the US and EMEA markets, while at the same time enabling us to better serve the European and US developers,” said Mintegral CEO Erick Fang. “We also hope that this partnership will create incremental demand for MoPub’s publishers, especially in the Asian markets, through mediation and Advanced Bidding. We remain committed to being the Bridge between East and West and we believe that through this partnership, the two markets can communicate and learn more from each other, making everyone involved better as a result,” he added.

“We are thrilled to add Mintegral to our lineup of supported mediation partners and Advanced Bidders. Mintegral’s strong demand offering in North America, Asia, and Europe makes them a great fit for our publishers. Their commitment to bidding will ensure publishers make the most out of every impression,” said Jackie Cooper, Manager of Professional Services at MoPub.

Mintegral is the first Chinese ad platform to support in-app bidding. In-app bidding is the latest programmatic bidding technology that helps publishers find the best buyer for each impression at lower risk and higher ROI. Publishers on Mintegral also have the option to stick to the traditional waterfall model.

About MoPub

MoPub, a Twitter company, provides flexible monetization solutions for mobile publishers around the globe. Today, publishers and app developers use MoPub’s trusted platform to drive maximum revenue for every ad impression and control their user experience, while DSPs and marketers enjoy access to high quality mobile audiences at maximum scale. We’ve been helping mobile app publishers grow their businesses since 2010.

Vali Scorus is Mintegral's Content Marketing Manager, responsible for digital and social media content. Vali has over 10 years of experience covering the gaming industry.
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