Mintegral’s SDK Now Available on Fyber’s FairBid

Mintegral announced the integration of its SDK into Fyber FairBid, Fyber’s next-generation mediation platform for mobile game developers.

Mintegral, 2019-12-24

Mintegral announced today the integration of its SDK into the new Fyber FairBid platform, with the aim of helping global publishers and developers monetize their mobile apps through Mintegral’s Ad Platform on a large scale, including APAC, Europe and the Americas.

Once publishers and developers have integrated with Mintegral’s SDK through Fyber FairBid, they will gain access to Mintegral’s high-quality demand-side resources, but they will also be able to sell their inventory to the highest bidder to generate increased revenues across all major markets. Advertisers working with Mintegral will benefit from more bidding opportunities through Fyber’s extensive direct publisher relationships.

“I am delighted to see our SDK integration into Fyber’s FairBid platform become reality and I believe this partnership will significantly expand our reach,” said Erick Fang, Mintegral CEO. “Our strong track record in the APAC region, where we work with thousands of Chinese publishers, is a testament to our capabilities and I am confident that high-caliber partners like Fyber will help us achieve solid growth and continued success on the global market.”

“Fyber is extremely excited to expand its demand ecosystem by partnering with Mintegral. Mintegral’s strong regionalized demand improves Fyber’s overall ability to provide global fill, increases the diversity of demand partners available via Fyber FairBid, and allows us to offer even more quality demand to our publishers,” said Offer Yehudai, President of Fyber. “Integrating with Mintegral also reinforces the growing trend towards programmatic and SDK buying which is extremely exciting to see.”

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