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Our partnership with Mintegral over the past year has allowed us to buy high-quality traffic and achieve our KPIs.

Ekaterina SamohovetsLead User Acquisition Manager at AIBY

Mintegral is a very strong user acquisition partner of ours, and we have been able to reach our ROAS goals through their high-quality traffic. Working together has been a pleasure from the beginning, thanks to their proactive and professional team. We are looking forward to reaching new heights through our cooperation!

Varvara StepanovaUser Acquisition Creative Manager at PlayMe Studio
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Mintegral has been a leading partner on the path to achieving our growth goals, and acquiring loyal users globally with a lower CPI enables us to scale even further. We are delighted to see our game effortlessly reach potential users throughAdvanced Targeting, and we're looking forward to experiencing other successful features. Thank you, Mintegral Team!

Koray DumanUser Acquisition Manager

The tests we are doing with Mintegral are proving to be very successful. We have been able to acquire users at scale, and at the same time, we have kept the CPI relatively low. Mintegral's key differentiator is the ability to work with certain source apps, targeting the highest performing inventory and countries.

Cláudia HaritçaldeUA Manager at Fanatee

Mintegral has proven to be a very strong user acquisition partner of ours. Their expertise in the Match-3/puzzle genre is evident through consistently bringing quality users for us and exceeding our ROAS goals. We are looking forward to extending our partnership across other games in our portfolio.

Louis Tom AndreassenPerformance Marketing Manager at Tactile Games

Mintegral is one of our key partners that has been driving steady performance by unlocking for us new sources of quality traffic with competitive costs. This has been made possible by a great and positive relationship with the whole Mintegral team, always proactive and proposing tailored solutions.

Emmanuel BeauchardUser Acquisition Specialist

This is our first time working with Mindworks and we have been deeply impressed with their expertise and their high-quality output. Thanks to their in-depth analysis of our game Astrokings, the Mindworks team was able to create a range of customized 2D playable ads to showcase the game's key features from different angles. We are confident that these ad creatives can deliver outstanding results for our future UA campaigns and we look forward to working with the Mindworks team again.

Hyuntaek, Jung Marketing Team Manager

Mintegral is one of our most important partners thanks to their incredible support across user acquisition, monetization, and creative services.
Their expertise has been crucial towards helping us succeed in China and other global markets, so we look forward to even bigger and better cooperation with the Mintegral team in the future.

Touka GamesCEO

Mintegral is a great partner for us in both monetization and user acquisition. Working closely with Mintegral over the past 2 years, we have raised our revenue by 2-3 times and achieved the desired ROAS. In short, we look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with Mintegral.

Chun-Kai WangCEO

Working with Mintegral helped CrazyLab`s UA campaigns get a sustainable boost. They were a key factor in optimizing CrazyLabs` monetization strategies and CrazyLabs appreciate their professional support and technological solutions.

Working with Mintegral is such an incredible experience for our team. They became our family members from the User Acquisition to the Monetization side. When we first start to work together we were a young studio that was trying to understand every single detail of publishing. Instead of underestimating our potential, they helped us to understand the industry more and survive the jungle.

We did a great job together in the previous years and I believe, we will improve our partnership in the following years.

Ibrahim KayaCEO

The Mintegral team helped our title Water Sort Puzzle launch and grow in the Chinese market and we couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks to Mintegral's intimate knowledge of the market, combined with their high-quality creative services, we were able to have a successful launch and establish a foothold in this competitive market. We would like to thank the Mintegral team for their expertise and we look forward to our continued cooperation.


Mintegral has been one of our fastest growing partners. I can see why Mintegral has competitors scared, their passion for performance and unrivaled dedication for improving their technology and creative formats have increasingly helped both our growth on the monetization and UA sides. We greatly value their dedication and passion for performance.

Christian CalderonGamejam Co-Founder and CEO

Mintegral helped us generate a steady ad revenue stream for Giant Rush! and we are very happy to see our partnership result in such a strong outcome. The Mintegral team showed strong market expertise and flexibility along the way, boosting our ad revenue while also scaling our UA efforts. We value their passion and dedication, so we look forward to our next project together.

Anouar BenattiaHead of UA & Monetization at TapNation

We enjoyed working with Mintegral on our media buying and ad monetization solutions. What impressed me the most is how Mintegral did such a great job boosting our user acquisition and monetization, especially in the European and US markets. We look forward to working closely together with the Mintegral team in the near future.

Jack HoFounder & CEO

Securing relevant users is very important to an app’s overall performance and Mintegral has been a major partner for Rainist’s Banksalad UA campaigns. Thanks to Mintegral’s strong understanding of the complex financial management services industry, they were able to provide us with a detailed and effective customized campaign strategy, closely aligned with relevant user characteristics. We are grateful to Mintegral for supporting the growth of our app Banksalad and we look forward to a continued relationship based on mutual synergy.

Kye Seong KimMarketing lead

It has been a awesome experience to work with strategic partner like Mintegral on user acquisation. Mintegral is a really strong and visionary network that delivers targeted ROI. Moreover, their team is very supportive and efficient, which makes it a great pleasure to cooperate and we are looking forward to expanding our business through Mintegral.

Growth TeamPlaySimple Games

Working with Mintegral is very pleasant. Whether on user acquisition or monetization, they always quickly respond to our needs, and provide us with professional services to help our products efficiently acquire users and increase revenue. Mintegral has become our significant partner, and we look forward to continuing the cooperation in the future.

Edwin XuTriwin CEO

Mintegral has been a close partner for MondayOFF since 2019, both in terms of UA and monetization. Throughout our partnership, the Mintegral team was always able to provide us with clear and effective solutions, and their professional attitude towards any challenges was most appreciated. We were delighted to see how much Mintegral helped us boost our monetization efforts for our games <Be A Pong>, <Shooting Color>, and <ZScavanger> in the past 2 months; at the same time, the UA campaigns for our new games <Sneak Out 3D> and <Dumb Turtle> showed great results, particularly in terms of conversions. We would like to thank the Mintegral team for their hard work and support, and we look forward to a successful continued cooperation.

Hyeog Jun KangCEO

Mintegral has become one of the most valuable partners in APAC and is helping us to grow in China. The Mintegral team is always on hand with insights and solutions that are right for the Chinese market, and they deal with any issues quickly and professionally.

Mintegral has become one of our premier partners in the past year for both user acquisition and monetization. The platform has grown tremendously within the hyper casual space with no signs of slowing down. They boast a very hands on and dedicated support team, which makes working together all that much easier. We look forward to continue growing our partnership and pushing success with Mintegral.

Phillip KungCEO & Co-Founder

Working with Mintegral on our monetization strategies for Boxing Star has been a success and we are extremely pleased with the outcome, We were delighted to see how their unique monetization approach translated to tangible results and we have their knowledgeable and dedicated team to thank for that.

Juhan LeeMarketing Director

Working with Mintegral helped us with a sustainable boost of our UA campaign in a short time. Their account team has shown professional attitudes from the beginning and taken all precautions against all possible misfortunes. During the launch process, they always brought a proactive approach and act as our internal team. We look forward to increasing our partnership with them in upcoming campaigns.

SinanDirector of Growth at Mynet,Publishing & Funpac Games

We started working with Mintegral in the second half of 2019. And very quickly, Mintegral has become a strategic partner for Amanotes in both monetization and performance marketing. This is not only about the result basis but also about the people who provided us with very dedicated support and flexibility in terms of understanding our business and creating value added to us.

Cuong SilverCPO of Amanotes

I am delighted with the results of our partnership so far. I am particularly impressed with Mintegral’s playable ads offering, as well as their high-quality traffic in the US and APAC, they played a significant role in the success of our campaigns and I look forward to our continued cooperation.

Kousei SaegusaApp Development Department Manager at MarkApp

Mintegral’s full-stack solution, from UA to monetization and ad creatives, has proven extremely effective.Their hard work, as well as their fast response during this entire process, made them a valuable partner and we look forward to our continued cooperation with Mintegral.

A BingEyewind co-founder

Mintegral is a key advertising and UA partner in China for JoyPac. Thanks to Mintegral's ad inventory from its exclusive relationships with hundreds of app publishers, JoyPac has successfully published a number of games, with eight currently ranking in the top 200 of the Chinese app store.

Allison BilasCOO of JoyPac

Our partnership with Mintegral was not just about campaigns and acquisition of power users. Super Planet was able to gain unique know-how thanks to Mintegral who knows the Chinese market best and has information that helped us understand and develop insights on this market.

Lee EunyoungBusiness Operations Team Manager of SUPER PLANET

We are pleased to notice a considerable impact in our advertising revenue in China thanks to Mintegral, the team has shown us the true potential of this market.

Lidia Pérez PlazaPublishing, User Acquisition & Marketing at From The Bench Games

Mintegral is an important monetization partner and our strongest provider in the Asian markets, specifically China. Two things that make Mintegral stand out is their good fill rate on in-app advertising inventory and a well-functioning support team that is always attentive to our needs.

José María Pérez GómezBusiness Analyst

Mintegral is one of our first partners to build partnerships and has been providing perfect monetization solutions for most of our games. The team are experienced in growing ad revenue with superior user experience, and they do particularly well in games such as Dream Garden. , Temple Run 2 and Metro Parkour, convincing us that they are professional and trustworthy.

Two most important standards for us to choose a partner is to protect players’experience and excellent data performance. Mintegral has keen insights and sophisticated ad technology to maintain a stable eCPM and high fill rate. Also, the integration to the light-weight SDK is efficient.

4399 has partnered with Mintegral since it just started monetization business. With the help of Mintegral's professional team, our demands can always get quick response. Mintegral also provided professional monetization solutions that allowed developers on our game platform increase revenues significantly. Look forward to many more great years of collobaration!

Qian WanDirector of Business Development, Small Game Division of 4399

Mintegral is one of our major monetization partners. By integrating Mintegral, we get access to global premium demand-side resources, optimizing our ad revenue. Advertising has become an important way for Meitu's product to monetize. Thanks to the professional suggestions provided by Mintegral during their service.

Zhenpeng LiuProgrammatic Director

Mintegral has been in close communication with us when "Slash and Girl" has not yet been launched. After the formal cooperation, Mintegral can always respond and solve our problems quickly, truly bringing us an increase in advertising revenue. Mintegral is a very good partner for indie game development teams like us.

A QiangFounder of SUNNY GAME

As Narcade, we have been working with Mintegral for a long time on User Acqusition globally. They help and support us a lot with both the fast and high quality service and the suggestions they gave us during the optimization process. Thus, we can easily manage a long and stable marketing process.

Türkay ÖnalHead of Marketing & User Acquisition

Mintegral is definitely our most endeared partner in our UA efforts. The team is responsive, insightful and very problem-solving oriented. When it comes to running smooth operations in a lot of geos Mintegral is our go to partner.

Okan KavurgaGrowth Manager

Over the last few months, Mintegral became a vital partner for our monetization activity, as they can generate high eCPMs on a huge scale, doing so with great communication between the two companies that lead to on-going growth each month.

Daniel HirshData Analyst

Mintegral has been very helpful for us on UA and Monetization so far with their differentiated tools and expertise. Team has a great communication and they're extremely hands on. We're looking forward to working with Mintegral, hopefully for years to come.

Erkay UzunManaging Partner

Whether it is monetization or user acquisition, Mintegral is an indispensable network for us now. They are the first to respond to any questions or comments and we can always trust them to deliver positive results. Mintegral is the best partner for our app and we are looking forward to developing our business relationship.

Yuta TsuchiyaHead of APP business department

It's a really wonderful and lucky opportunity to work with Mintegral. A really strong and useful network which delivers decent CPMs and revenue. Moreover, Mintegral managers are very fast and supportive, which makes it a great pleasure to cooperate.

Ilya ZavgorodnevMonetization Manager

Within the hyper-casual space we've noticed significant growth from Mintegral over the past months, both from a supply and demand perspective. Their hard-working account management team has put in a lot of time and effort to help us grow, greatly strengthening their position within our UA and Monetisation stack.

Ryan DaviesHead of Digital Marketing

Mintegral has been an invaluable partner for expanding both our monetization and user acquisition activities in APAC through their technology and creative services. Mintegral will continue to be leveraged as a strategic partner for our growth as their global footprint continues to grow.

Michael RuffinSenior Manager, Analytics

Mintegral has grown very fast among our top partnered networks for both User Acquisition and Monetization in less than 3 months. We are impressed by the scale offered on the UA side and header bidding performances on the Monetization side. The future looks bright for Mintegral that is powering the hyper casual space.

Gary CohenGeneral Manager

We’ve been incredibly impressed with the results from Mintegral. We’ve worked with a lot of ad networks over the past many years and Mintegral is by far our preferred monetization partner. They consistently deliver excellent fill-rates and healthy eCPMs. We look forward to an ongoing partnership with them.

Swaroop Kumar’s CEO and Co-Founder of AppOn Software Private Limited

Choosing to work with Mintegral is because we believed that Mintegral can provide us with efficient and comprehensive solutions. It turns out that we are absolutely right! Mintegral amazes us by its professional service process from business negotiation, design optimization, technical transfer beforehand, to data analysis and product optimization since it's gone live.

Tao YuProduct Operation Director of Talkweb Games

The partnership with Mintegral as helping us not only increase our precise User Acquisition strategies but also to monetize at the best eCPMs in the market. A perfect hybrid solution that has helped us scale our games worldwide.

Gonçalo AlemãoUser Acquisition & Monetization leader

Mintegral is our important partner on monetization. Having integrated rewarded videos for Cut the Rope: Magic and Dan the Man, we find that the premium video ads have brought us good revenue, and we will continue using rewarded video to monetize our coming game Dungeon & Fighter. Thanks for the professional team and look forward to our future partnership.

Hellen HuangDirector of Business Development

Mintegral's capabilities in the Indian Market has helped us drive incremental ad revenues for our app. We were a little apprehensive initially as we are very cautious about integration of any third party sdk in ours; it's been a great experience which we are sure will only grow upwards from here. Their team has been proactive and always willing to find a solution for easy and fast integration.

Mintegral focuses on media advertising, programmatic monetization, and provides professional services and optimization strategies to help us improve ad revenue. By about 40% revenue increased, Mintegral has performed better compared with others. Ad resources provided by Mintegral are premium and high-quality.We will keep cooperating with Mintegral to help us better improve the advertising revenue.

Qian DongSenior Business Manager

Mintegral is our early partner on programmatic monetization. It has mature monetization strategies in the gaming industry, premium ad resources, and excellent products. With protecting user experience, Mintegral brings good ad revenue to our app, which has exceeded our expectations.

Zhuo WangCommercial Product Operation
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