Helix Jump - Mintegral

By the end of April 2019 Mintegral was helping Voodoo to monetize over 40 titles with programmatic in-game ads, making Mintegral Voodoo’s top monetization partner in China.

The Background

Founded in 2009, Voodoo is one of the games publishers that have helped to define the style of games we now call ‘hyper-casual’.

In 2018 Voodoo’s focus was mainly on the European and US app markets, but the start of 2019 saw more attention paid to China as it grew to become one of its top countries for ad revenues. Games such as hole.io, Helix Jump, Dune!, Snake vs Block and paper.io were each generating tens of millions of downloads. In order to capitalise on this growing success, Voodoo asked Mintegral to play a bigger role in its China strategy.

As its most successful game to date, Voodoo wanted to increase installs of the iOS version of Helix Jump on the Chinese App Store. Specifically, they wanted to increase the number of Daily Active Users (DAU), and grow the game revenues in APAC by at least 20%

The Solutions

Mintegral’s campaign focused on two approaches to drive the UA – using Mintegral’s own high-quality inventory to reach new users, and creating new, engaging playable ads through the Mindworks creative studio.

An example of the playable ads for Helix Jump can be seen below. The Mindworks team iterated the ad over the duration of the campaign to optimise the engagement and click-through rate, adding extra features such as background music and even ‘bullet comments’.

One of the most important factors for programmatic campaigns is the effectiveness of the targeting. In order to reach likely fans of hypercasual games the Mintegral team analyzed the results of previous campaigns and tested different targeting parameters such as device type, OS version, demographics and interests. The live campaign was regularly adjusted and A/B tested, targeting fans of particular game categories and styles of games to find the best possible audience match.

Shumin DaiUser Acquisition and Monetization Manager at Voodoo.

It has been a pleasure to work with Mintegral on the Monetization side. The team is proactive, professional and transparent. We look forward to delivering more success with them.

The Results

By adding more localised elements – background music, popular stickers, localised text – along with exhaustive testing and analysis, the Mintegral team were able to optimise the campaign performance and exceed the campaign goals set by Voodoo.

Over the duration of the Mintegral-led campaigns, the ad fill rate for Voodoo’s titles increased from 30% to a high of 75%, while the eCPM stayed stable at between $26 and $30. But perhaps the most impressive increase was in the number of ad impressions, which have increased 30-fold.